Friday, January 29, 2010

And on top of it all, I'm fighting off a migraine! UGH!

black and gray sweater: NY&Co., coral oxford: NY&Co., boyfriend jeans: Victoria's Secret, black loafers: Etienne Aigner

This, Readers, is what happens when I don’t pick out my clothes the night before. I feel like I have a hodge-podge of items on today—casual boyfriend jeans, dressy loafers, unmatching purple socks, and a preppy sweater/oxford on top—except that the sweater isn’t really meant to be preppy. You’re the only ones I’m telling this secret to…to everyone else I’m going to appear a confident, fashionable woman who is pulling off multiple styles at one time. It’s the new Layering. Right here at Brittany’s Cleverly Titled Fashion Blog. You’re welcome!

We’re going out of town this weekend—off to Raiderland, and I am so excited! I haven’t packed a lick, and I’m going to go home at lunch and start doing that. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t decide what I was going to wear at some point earlier this week when I was feeling creative. Clearly the style muses have left me for the weekend, and I am determined not to embarrass Leila when I’m out in public with her in Lubbock.

I’m going to turn on some music and wake myself up. I plan on staying busy today so that I’ll look up and OHMYGAWD, it will be 5:00 and time to head to my friends.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is as "vintage" as it gets, or How to Mix Two Animal Prints!

Cheetah-print shirt: Vintage, black cardigan: TJ Maxx, red snakeskin belt: NY&Co., khaki pants: Banana Republic, black socks: NY&Co. (hey, I figured since I knew...), black mary janes: Payless

I am so happy with my outfit today! It is pouring outside and a cold front is supposed to be rolling in soon, so I knew I had to wear some pants today. These khaki Banana Republic pants have never let me down, so perhaps I should lay off of BR for a while.

The real star of this outfit, however, is the cheetah-print silk shirt I’m wearing underneath the cardigan. This shirt was my grandmother’s when she was younger than me. I remember I found it out at her house one day when I was around 6, and absolutely fell in love with it (looking back, I think that might have been my drowning point when it comes to sassy clothing items). The material is silk, and it’s so thin that it really should be transparent, but somehow, it’s not. I took it from her (because she didn’t deny her darling granddaughter anything…even a Chinese-collared cheetah print silk shirt at 6 years old. I slept in it for years. My mother hated the thing. Often I would find the shirt “lost” in the back of my closet (or her’s), and she threatened to throw it away on numerous occasions. I’m sad to admit that she did throw it away one time, and I dug it out of the garbage. That’s right, this is a trash-can shirt, too. When they finally moved out of their old house into the new house (after I’d graduated from college), I was in “no clutter” mode and threw out almost every memory I had from childhood that wouldn’t fit into my memory trunk. I couldn’t bear to part with it and shoved it in there. One of the last times I went home, Mom and I were going through that trunk, and I found the shirt! I took it home with me, determined to wear it again. I didn’t remember how pretty the collar was (having worn it unbuttoned half-way to sleep in all my childhood glory and modesty), and believe it or not, I had forgotten how soft and beautiful the fabric was. So here, in all its glory, is my grandmother’s cheetah-print shirt, worn by her, cherished by a child, and loved again by me as an adult. Who knows, maybe one day my daughter will wear it…but I’m not letting my child in a cheetah-print silk shirt until she’s at least 16!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Layering a Black Dress, Tied with a Scarf

Black dress: Cato, turquoise polo: NY&Co., purple tights: Banana Republic, pearl necklace: Nana, blue brooch: Dustee’s, black sandals: Cato, scarf: Nana

In the back of my mind, I’ve known that a black dress layered over another something is always an option. I just haven’t opted for it in a while. Monday night when I was looking for something to wear with my knee-high socks on Tuesday, I initially chose this outfit. Then I decided to wear it singularly, because I think the scarf across my waist and my pinned necklace shouldn’t be outshined by the socks. (Who would have thought that socks had that power?!?)

It was a little chilly this morning, so I didn’t want to go bare-legged. I forgot I had these purple tights! They’re actually quite comfortable, too. Glamour magazine assures me that I can wear tights with gladiator sandals in the winter, so I’m giving that look a try.

This is just a big pearl necklace with a cheapy little brooch pin I’ve had for ages. It was such a simple trick to pin the brooch to the necklace and my dress, and I really think it makes the neckline interesting!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Looking Conservative in Knee High Socks

light blue oxford: Merona/Target, black lace shirt: Old Navy, black stretchy skirt: Old Navy, beige socks: Target, black mary janes: Payless

After seeing how cute Gingersnap looks in her knee high socks, how could I resist this trend? I’ve always liked the look, but was afraid it would make me look too “school girl” but she pulled it off so well, that I had to give it a try myself. And now of course, I’m watching the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD (I just started Season 2!) and if she can fight vampires in socks and heels, I can write some letters and color some maps.

This aren’t quite knee-high on me, as you can see…I probably have to buy “over the knee” in order to achieve the desired knee-high length, but I think it works. I tried on several outfits last night centered around these socks and finally think I came up with one that was conservative enough to balance out the playfulness of the socks. I don’t think I’m ready for printed socks yet, at least not in a work environment, but I love the contrast of the neutral sock with the black mary janes.
I had a little fun with the camera this morning. I’m ready to start looking for an inexpensive tripod though. Trying to fit my body in a tiny camera lens is made even harder when I can’t adjust the camera angle easily!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Using the "REAL" Camera Today

Green top: Merona (Target), gray/brown skirt: TJ Maxx, beige tights: George (Walmart), black lace up oxfords: Predictions (Payless)

This morning I broke out the “real” camera, and already I can see the improvement in the quality of photos. I don’t have a tripod yet, so I’m still working on the balancing act of figuring out how to tilt the camera against my bookcase just so in order to capture my whole body in the photo. But I’m pretty happy with the pictures for the most part!

I always feel rather old-fashioned in this skirt, and I’m not sure if it’s the print or just the length and fullness of it. That being said, I don’t feel old-fashioned in a bad way. In fact, I today I chose to pair it with accessories to play up the image. The tights feel almost crocheted to me, and paired with the oxfords, it seems like an English farmhouse vibe.

Do you remember these Brighton bracelets/belts from the 90s? That’s right, I’m bringing them back single-handedly! I can recall lusting after these braided objects…Brighton was the height of couture in my small hometown upon my arrival into high school. I’m so glad I managed to hold on to one of these bracelets with which to reminisce.

Do you ever wear anything in tribute to *those* days?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dressing inappropriately for a friend's house :)

turquoise tank: Old Navy, white oxford: NY&Co., black skirt: Express

We're having dinner/drinks at a friend's house right now, and I realized that I needed to get a picture of my outfit tonight to post.  Generally my weekend outfits are pretty basic--jeans and whatever top I feel like wearing, but my husband promised me a "night out" tonight, so I dressed it up a little. 

We're about to head downtown (downtown Midland, that is) to try a new bar--The Mahogany.  I'll let you know the consensus.  Don't worry, we're taking a cab!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Eek! Lots of bright colors this way!

yellow t-shirt: Old Navy, pink t-shirt: Old Navy, red flower: flower off of thrifted jacket, red belt: NY&Co., denim trouser jeans: Express, black flats: Walmart

Today I was in the mood to do a little color mixing.  Even though I feel extra casual today in two t-shirts and jeans, I don't mind because its turning into a beautiful (albeit, a little windy) day outside.  I'm glad I'm wearing bright colors in the spirit of my pseudo-spring temperatures.


This is not the first time I've mixed red and pink together, or mustard and red, but it is the first time I've attempted all three together.  I think it works, but honestly, I feel like its fun and casual, so I don't really care...which I think is a definite sign that it "works" for me!

AND, I'm even wearing a bright shiny piece of Christianity (its my ironic cross) to add a little more sparkle, as if the colors themselves weren't enough!! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Booties

gray ruffledy shirt: Cato, white pants: Victoria's Secret, gray booties: Cato, diamonds:  The Husband
(Look, no NY&Co!  Should have saved this for next week! :P)

Another non-exciting outfit, BUT I really wanted to wear this shirt. I bought it a few weeks ago, and still haven’t worn it. I thought at the time that it would look best under a cardigan, but it’s too warm today to wear one, and since it’s Thursday, I can get away with a little more casual look anyway.  And I amped it up a little with some diamonds, which by the way, when you move to a new town and are still trying to meet people, really can substitute for a best friend--at least temporarily.  (Which is in no way a disparaging remark towards The Best Friend, KML, just to be clear.)

(Close up of the shirt--cute!)

Also, I’m wearing my new booties! This is a trend I’ve struggled with accepting for almost a year now. I have been on the lookout for a pair without a ridiculously high heel on them, but was beginning to think that was an oxymoron—booties without a heel. I found these at Cato, and the best part (besides the fun patent gray color and semi-low heel) is that they were on sale for $14! I know that means they’re not real leather and will probably be scuffed and torn by this time next year, but I had come to the conclusion that I wasn’t willing to spend much more on this trend without “testing the waters” so to speak.  Plus, I hate the word "bootie".  I feel ridiculous saying it.

These BOOTIES (ugh) have also worked a miracle. I’m actually looking forward to cooler temperatures next week…because I can’t wait to wear these booties with a dress and some tights! Curse myself for saying it, but I can handle a few more weeks of winter weather…sigh.

(P.S.  This last pic is horrible.  I promise--there was no self-fulfilling prophecy yet--I did not go out and scuff my boots already!  Just one more example in a long line of evidence why I should get off my lazy bum and take REAL pictures, not iPhone shots.)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Short Over Long

purple shirt: Express, white cardigan/shawl: willi smith (TJ Maxx), gray and white pin-striped pants: NY&Co., black mary janes: Payless

Today’s outfit isn’t very creative, but I like the classic lines of it. I needed to wear pants today because I’ve been putting off some filing which requires me to sprawl very ladylike on the floor, but its still pseudo-summer temperatures outside. These pants are very light weight and very comfortable, and this shirt is the kind I always tell my mom that you can wear and feel just as relaxed and comfy as a t-shirt does, but looks a lot dressier.

It hangs just a little low on my waist, which is a perfect concealer for the slight tummy I’ve acquired since the holidays (and since my unofficial ban on the gym, apparently). I topped it with a cropped cardigan shawl that buttons at the center.

Overall, it’s a relaxed look that is perfect for a day of filing on the floor. I did throw on some heels, however, though I was tempted to wear flats since the elevator is broken…that lack of gym going is evident about the time I reach the 5th floor…but I didn’t want the outfit to be too casual. I am wearing a ponytail, after all!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Warm Winter Week (say it three more times)

green and blue shirt: "Plaid" (TJ Maxx), pleated denim skirt: Larry Levine (Ross), pink belt: I can never remember, black shoes: Dustee's / Lubbock

I realize it's not summer yet, really I do. I’m having serious warm weather withdrawals, and I think it's because I moved from Houston in October, when its still basically summertime there (I think the temperatures had dropped to the 90's) to Midland, where we have official seasons. That was quite a wakeup call to my system.

So now, in mid-January, I have this lovely warm front. The high today is 74. Being it's January, and I have experience with West Texas weather, I know this beautiful weather won’t last long, and before I know it, ice and snow and wind will be roaring their ugly, ugly heads again before finally giving way to Spring sometime in late March or April.
So I’m taking advantage of this warm weather and breaking out some you-probably-shouldn’t-be-wearing-that-in-the-dead-of-January clothing. Screw you, Winter.
I got a little picture happy this morning. Can you tell warm weather puts me in a happy mood? Also, this is a big day for me, because I’m not wearing ONE PIECE of clothing that is from New York and Company (or Express, for that matter).

Can you see the ruffledy-pleats on this skirt? They give it some character, but in all honesty, they assist in making my hips look 18 inches wider, too. Thanks, pleats.

A close up of my shirt, which was an odd purchase for me. I’m more of a solid kind of girl, and even my printed shirts are usually more conservative. Plus, the elastic bands on the sleeves kind of bother me. But, I thought it was cute and allowed me to step out of my little preppy box a little, so here ya go. Paired with a pink accessories, of course.

A mini product review for you. My mom uses Head & Shoulders shampoo because she has dry ears. I used H&S the first time at her house, and actually really liked it. I also have a tendency for dry ears (well, only my right one) so I decided to start using it, too. I recently purchased the pink Smooth & Silky H&S, and IT IS AMAZING. My hair is so soft and shiny. I left it straight on purpose (as opposed to being lazy or running late, as usual) to show off how pretty it looked. I even took a picture for you.

Pretty, ain’t it? AND, I haven’t had a haircut since the beginning of October. NOW you’re impressed, huh?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Are you sure you're the same skirt?

brown bow skirt: Moda Int'l (Victoria Secret), white oxford: NY&Co., brown heels: White Stag (Walmart), brown headband: Cato

Glorious beautiful weather!  The temperature is currently 63 degrees and the high is 71 today.  Its supposed to be beautiful all week long!  I try not to complain these days about Fall, because I can break out some of my winter clothes at that time without freezing my butt off (I wish), but I get sick of winter in about one week.  I'm glad for a bit of reprieve from the coats and tights, but by the time the next cold front blows in, its just going to be that much harder to accept!  And I have no doubt another cold front will come in before the throws of winter are finished for this year.  I'll just enjoy my week of pretend-Spring for now!

This skirt is new, and I'm a little disappointed in it.  I've been admiring it for some time (okay, I've been stalking it for years) in the Victoria's Secret catalog, but have always wondered if it was worth springing for the $40 sale price (plus shipping).  Now that I have it in my hot little hands, I still can't answer that question.  I don't think $40 (er, $50) is too much to spend on a skirt, but this one in real life is not quite the same as it is in the catalog. 


A bit sad in comparison, wouldn't you say?

I considered sending it back, but I might try to do some magic with some double-sided tape when I wear it again.  I'll look like that VS model, yet...Bahahahaha.

Pretty gold vintage necklace from my Nana.

I know I look a bit demented here.  I'm still not sure why I didn't crop that terrible face out.  Oh well.  Don't make fun of my hair.  I'm on the lookout for someone here in Midland.  It takes a lot for me to trust someone new with my hair.

P.S.  I'm all caught up on my sleep and feel FABULOUS!  15 hours of sleep on Friday night helped A LOT.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

First time at The Hemenway

pink silk shirt: The Limited, black pants: Express, black jacket: The Limited, black flats: Walmart

I'm having too much fun with new friends tonight.  We went to a new place tonight.  It's call,ed The Hemenway and it proports to be a cigar bar, but really its more like the wine bar I always wanted in Midland.

I can't type much because I'm finally...hmmm, forgot what I was going to say.  Anyway, this outfit seemed perfect before I went out--black pants (albiet, tight) and a jacket to go with it.  Love it!

Yummy.  Now for Always Sunny reruns!  YEA!!!!

P.S.  I don't think this is a very good picture, but that's what I think happens when I let my husband be in charge...ugh.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Too Tired!

brown sweater: NY&Co., white and black camp shirt: NY&Co., jeans: Victoria's Secret, belt: NY&Co., brown shoes: Cato

Too tired to write much, sorry.  Anticipating getting some sleep tonight.  Rolling on 2 hours from last night, and about 15 hours from the entire week prior.  UGH.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pretty Pink Scarf

white sweater: NY & Co., gray wide leg pants: NY & Co., pink scarf: NY & Co., pink heels: Bandolino (DSW)

So much for my resolution not to wear anything from NY & Co.  I'll have to try tomorrow!

This is my normal process for picking out my outfit:  I choose it the night before, and sometimes I have something in mind that I want to wear, and sometimes I glance around my closet until once piece jumps out at me.  If that doesn't work, I'll go to my personal lookbook notebook I have at home with magazine pictures to inspire me.  If that still doesn't help, I'll usually read some of the motivational quotes in there to convince me that its worth the time to put some effort into my look and FIND SOMETHING CUTE!  Sometimes, I'll look to an accessory--a piece of jewelry or some shoes or something I haven't worn in a while, and build a whole outfit around that. 

That's what I had to do in today's instance.  Last night, I swear, I looked in my closet for something to wear for a whole hour.  I checked the dryer to make sure there wasn't something FABULOUS in was empty.  I watched some American Idol.  I went back to the closet.  I sent a text.  I went back to the closet.  I finally remember this scarf, which is the last article I bought in SA that I haven't worn, and jumped up and down that I had something new to wear, no matter how small.  And then the closet shuffle started again.  I tried on about 4 pairs of pants, but nothing looked just right.  My black pants felt too tight, or too short, or were all linty.  I didn't feel like wearing khaki.  I finally decided on these gray pants, but then I had to find a shirt that didn't clash with the scarf and would keep me warm for the cold front I was anticipating coming in today. 

After another 20 minutes of trying on one shirt after another (tucked in, untucked, belted, with an undershirt, with a collared shirt...) I finally decided on this lovely, soft, warm, neutral sweater.  So, my outfit is a little uninspired today--I mean, wow, a bright scarf paired with a white sweater and gray pants..., but I really did put more effort than you know into it.  I did throw in the pink shoes to give myself a little symmetry and to try to make it obvious that I do actually own some colorful pieces, even if they are all accessories in this case.

I'm not as upset as I seem by my outfit, though.  I think it turned out fine.  Especially considering I'm rocking on about 4 hours of sleep again from last night.  Oh, come home, husband!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gray and white today

Gray dress: Merona (Target), black vest: TJ Maxx, white tights: George (Walmart), black oxford shoes: Predictions (Payless), red snakeskin belt: New York & Co.

Congratulations to myself on 4 consecutive hours of sleep last night, and 6 hours total. I feel more like myself today, and I’m in a good mood thus far because of it. I’ve also had two cups of coffee, so I hope I don’t crash before lunch!

I really liked Londyn’s vest with a dress that she wore last week, so I paired mine with a gray dress today. I was digging through my tights box in my closet and found these white ones that I bought last year. They are the most comfortable pair of tights I’ve ever owned. I actually barely have to struggle to get them on. You’d think I’d wear them all the time, wouldn’t you? Maybe, now that I remember I own them!  What are your opinions on wearing white tights in the warmer months?  Are tights strictly winter wear?

P.S.  The point of this pose was not to point my boobs out as far as I could.  I'm not really sure WHAT the point of it was, but I was feeling skinny in this belt today, so maybe it had something to do with that...maybe...

I bought this belt on my trip to San Antonio at New York and Company with Ashley for $6!! LOVE IT!

And, a tribute to my old Alpha Sigma Alpha, a ladybug bracelet from college that I pulled out. I really need to get some more red jewelry, which I have been saying for approximately 3 years now.

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