Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You Can Look In One of Two Places

If this dress was red, I'd never wear it to work.  It's a little clingy and a tiny bit short, but I feel like I can get away with it since it's black.  No one questions your professionalism in a black dress, right? 

I purposely didn't put on a belt, because I only wanted two pops of color today, strategically placed to pull your eye away from the hemline and towards my (1) neck and (2) feet. 

I've felt a little like a flight attendant today...except that I haven't gone anywhere cool except the local hot dog vendor at lunch (but I did order the Seattle Dog, so maybe that counts).  I'm also planning on making a trip to the library after work.  Yea, it's a pretty busy day over here.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Picket Fence Life

cleverly titled style blog

cleverly titled style blog picket fence

cleverly titled style blog striped shirt
Sometimes Mondays are made for casual clothes.  Especially Mondays in the week of Memorial Day when you only have to work half-day Fridays for the rest of the summer.

Have I mentioned to you how much I love this shirt?  This perfectly preppy boat-necked nautical-striped shirt from Gap?  Because I do.  Not just because it's a really comfortable t-shirt, either.  But because it goes with ANYTHING.  Seriously, anything - like pickles and blow pops or popcorn and Jolly Ranchers.

Today I'm living my white picket fence kinda day.  The only thing that would make it better is if I could leave work, go to the pool, and sip homemade lemonade.  Awww...perfect.

Hey, by the way, I know this isn't a picket fence.  Doesn't it look like I'm on a farm today?  Maybe I am!  Just maybe this shirt works as FARMWEAR, too!  Amazing!!!
cleverly titled style blog brittany d'lynne

style blog green capris

cleverly titled style red heels

brittany d'lynne green capris and stripes

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Know what one of the worst thing in the world is?
Getting a virus on your computer at 9 a.m.
I finally got it off and fixed at 4 p.m.
I wasn't even in virus butt-kicking attire today.  Nobody kicks viral butt in pink slingbacks.  Super-spy black boots, maybe, but not kitten heels.  Next time I get a virus on my computer, I'm wearing spiked heels and leather. 
And as for you, AVG Anti-Virus Protection, how's 'bout you just show up for the fight next time?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In Vest (in me)

Cleverly Titled Style Blog

dress and vest

cleverly titled style dress and vest
I wanted to be comfortable today, so I put on the stretchiest dress I could find in my closet.

Then I decided it looked just a bit too comfortable, so I dressed it up a bit with vest.

But it looked a little manly, so I took off my lace-up oxfords and threw on plain black heels and a pink belt. 

Almost right, but still missing a pop of flower power and some diamond jewelry.

After all that, it seemed a little "safe" so I went and trespassed on some private and most likely electrical property. 

Do I know how to get crazy, or what?

brittany d'lynne dress and vest

brittany d'lynne wear shoe clips

cleverly titled style blog

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grainy and Drained

Not to take too serious of a turn here for you, but do you ever have periods in your life where you are just stuck in limbo?  The Husband and I are prepared to move on to the next phase in our life, but circumstances won't allow it yet.  Because of this STUCK feeling I have, I find myself slugging through my days, weeks, and even months.  I turn around and realize it's already the middle of May, and I'm not quite sure where this year has gone already.  I'm afraid that by looking forward too much, I'm missing the Now, but I feel helpless towards it.

I guess the only thing I can do at this point is to try to remain in the Now, and keep dressing for everyday, and for what everyday can bring.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kicks, Kids, Keds

My little town in West Texas DOES NOT get Keds.  EJ bought them for me for my birthday and has a funny story about the 12 year old working at Journeys (labor laws anyone?) who didn't understand and kept insisting that they did indeed have "kids" shoes.  Ok, so she probably wasn't 12, but the point is she looked 12 and might as well have been for all the usefulness she was.  Do you all feel as dated as me?  Yes?  (Hmm...that doesn't seem to be the way to get more readers, does it?)

I wore them last weekend with a skirt to the mall, and I think people were trying to decide how old I was myself.

Have they never seen Dirty Dancing?  If Baby can rock her Keds in the 80s AND get Patrick Swayze, I'm gonna give it a try.  Hellllllooo....girl sitting in the corner here!  Anyone?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Oh, I'm just sucking in to strengthen my abs, that's all

wearing tan and white

white jeans

model pose in white jeans
There is an obvious danger to wearing white pants and being as clumsy as me:  It's pretty much guaranteed that I'm going to spill something on them.

I figured I'd up the odds today by joining my friends at a local barbeque joint.  Somehow, SOMEHOW, I managed to not only avoid the barbeque sauce in my chair, but also remembered NOT to wipe my barbeque flavored Lays on my jeans (not that I normally do something as childish and uncouth as's just that the napkins were so far away...)

In fact, the only issue I have with today's outfit is that these jeans sit awfully low on my waist, and I'm forced to suck in the barbeque-sandwich induced stomach I've given myself.  Thank goodness I didn't eat the peach cobbler!

white jeans and tan sweater

layered sweater with white jeans

cleverly titled style blog

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today I'm An Adult

I've been dressing a little casual lately, so I thought I'd remind my coworkers that I still know how to dress like a grown up.  (Though I think I got more appreciation for Monday's outfit than any other I've worn.  Apparently a maxi dress screams sophistication, or didn't you know?)

Do you have silver and gold issues like I do?  I really love these Target wedges, but I hate that they have a gold buckle on them.  I tell myself to just accept that I will always be wearing silver since my wedding rings are platinum, but a little bit of my Southern heritage still tugs at my brain and tells me its tacky.  The only choice I really have if I ever want to wear gold is to just dive in, so I mixed some silver and gold accessories with this outfit, and hoped you'd all realize it was intentional.  Or not even notice at all.  Until I pointed it out, you know.  But actually, I'm counting this belt as gold, but I'm pretty sure it's brass.

I'm sure nobody thinks that mistaking brass for gold means anything about my salary grade, right?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Floral Girl

floral girl style blog

floral girl cleverly titled style

floral girl
I wanted to play along with this month's Everybody, Everywear, but I realized that the vast majority of "florals" in my closet were black and white flowers.  Who buys multiple patterns of black and white flowers?  My floral section in my closet looks like a funeral arrangement... 

...except for two extremely short skirts and this dress.  And I don't know if you can tell, but this dress is pretty dang short too.  Never to be deterred however, I waved my magic remix wand and deemed it a tunic for today.

dress as a shirtdress as a tunic

Who says you can't have cake and eat it too?  (Actually, I've never ever said that sentence.  What is the point of cake if you can't eat it?  I've never been one to pass up cake, anyway.  Which has nothing to do with this outfit, by the way.  Ignore that billowing waistline in front of you...)

Florals </P>
<P>Everybody, Everywear
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