Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kicks, Kids, Keds

My little town in West Texas DOES NOT get Keds.  EJ bought them for me for my birthday and has a funny story about the 12 year old working at Journeys (labor laws anyone?) who didn't understand and kept insisting that they did indeed have "kids" shoes.  Ok, so she probably wasn't 12, but the point is she looked 12 and might as well have been for all the usefulness she was.  Do you all feel as dated as me?  Yes?  (Hmm...that doesn't seem to be the way to get more readers, does it?)

I wore them last weekend with a skirt to the mall, and I think people were trying to decide how old I was myself.

Have they never seen Dirty Dancing?  If Baby can rock her Keds in the 80s AND get Patrick Swayze, I'm gonna give it a try.  Hellllllooo....girl sitting in the corner here!  Anyone?


  1. I love my keds! They are pink and I have had them since jr high, I think. I'm not even going to say how many years ago that was. Yikes! I still wear them all the time - especially with the oxford trend being huge right now.
    You look totally adorable in yours!

  2. Ha! You crack me up. And now I need to get me a pair of Keds. I'm betting they don't sell them here either...

  3. Nobody puts Baby in the corner! I love it.

    I remember DYING for some Keds when a girl in my class had some. Seriously. I was ecstatic when my parents bought them for my birthday.

    You look adorable in yours!!! Especially with the cuffed jeans!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  4. Brittany, you are ALL woman. The Keds are adorable but not kiddish. I can't believe Blogger let me get away with "kiddish," seriously, that is a word, or is spellcheck broken? Nope, it highlighted "spellcheck."

  5. OK, just want to say your outfits are very pretty. As are you. I am so glad that you finally got a pair of Keds as they are the best little sneakers out there! Yea for Keds. I went backwards in your blog and I saw at least 100 outfits that would look fabulous paired with your new Keds. So I am really hoping you wear them a lot this summer and perhaps you could sweet talk the hubby into getting a couple more pairs perhaps in some colors.

    Love your stuff and please have a great summer!!

  6. Love this casual chic look! You look so comfy yet very pulled together. I especially love the pop of color from your necklace!


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