Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Much Fanfare

I'm returning to you today after a bit of a break from the blogosphere with the promise of two posts today. 

Yesterday's outfit was planned entirely around my birthday gift watch from JR.  And then I didn't even take a closeup of it.  Silly girl.

Ok, this outfit was also planned around the weather.  The ONLY good thing about waking up in May to find the temperature around 40 degrees in the morning is the justification to wear boots.  So I did.  And I even smiled while I did it.  I welcome the kind of Winter that only lasts one day.


  1. Love this outfit! Yay boots weather! Rebecca

  2. you have outdone yourself on this one.. the outfit ROCKS and I love love love this backdrop.. so great to see you getting more and more creative!! great work girl you are unleashed!! :)

    have a super day.. raining here.. oiy!


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