Monday, April 25, 2011 Interview

Happy Day After Easter, ya'll!  Did you have a lovely long weekend?  The Husband and I slept in yesterday, and didn't even feel guilty, because our church offers a 5:00 p.m. service.  We listened to a great sermon and then had a yummy steak dinner to celebrate Easter.  Actually, The Husband had steak and I had a salad smothered in Ranch dressing and cheese.  But I looked at him smugly and told him that I was trying to eat healthy. 

He just nodded and smiled.  It was Easter, after all! 

I am so excited that I am featured on today!  Please go check it out!

Wow, look at my ankle there.  I promise, I could still walk after that step...weird...


  1. Is that a necklace or part of your shirt? Either way, I love it...looks fabulous :)

  2. Ok I never would've noticed the weird ankle until you said anything but then I laughed b/c yes, it is oddly disturbing. I'm impressed by your beautiful brights here and also your ability to refrain from steak.

  3. GREAT photos.. am loving your outdoor photoshoots!! hope your weekend was awesome babes!!! xx oOJ

  4. I love just brought it to my attention recently and now I check it out every day. Congrats on the interview. Great outfit too!

  5. Found your blog through Smashion! Love your outfit, the royal skirt paired with the bright red top make quite a combo! Please check out my blog when you get a chance and follow me if you like! Would love for us to follow each other!


  6. love the blue & red combo! looks great


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