Friday, April 8, 2011

This Post has Nothing to Do with Today's Outfit...

red and black silk shirt

red and black labeled

silk shirt and skinny jeans

Yesterday evening I went to our town's opening baseball season game.

I know nothing about baseball.  Could you tell that by the phrase: "Our town's opening baseball season game"?

I met the mascot, who reached celebrity status last week when he was interviewed in the local newspaper, nearly got hit by a baseball, and stood in line for an hour for a Blue Moon.  I also used half a bottle of spray-on sunscreen and sat in the shade. 

Sunscreen perfume, shady seats, friends, and Blue Moon.  Oh, and baseball.  Can't forget the baseball.

That's a pretty good Thursday night!

sepia in zoom

red and black in skinny jeans

red and black silk

red and black jewels


  1. The jeans fit you so nicely! x Sushi

  2. Depending on the day, I could prolly stand in line for nine hours for a Blue Moon. Especially if baseball were not involved, haha.

    Love your butt shot. Yep.

  3. That stripped blouse is just lovely! Following!

  4. That blouse is perfect ! Modern but vintage...


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