Friday, February 26, 2010

Feeling Safari with my Neckerchief!

light blue oxford: Banana Republic (thrifted), khaki pants: Victoria's Secret, scarf: Dillards, navy loafers: Rangoni

I feel a little Safari today, which I saw in a magazine is a trend to keep for 2010.  I'm not really a huge fan of the Safari look because I really only like to wear khaki on my bottom half, but I guess today's outfit is a good way to incorporate a little color into the trend.

The pants are a cross between "pants" and "jeans".  Victoria's Secret even markets them under their London Jeans brand, but they are much softer than typical denim.  In any case, I don't think they are particularly "dressy," so they are a great Friday option.

In high school I had three of these tiny neckerchief's that I wore pretty often.  It is impossible to find them these days.  Scarves are the big hit right now, and though I do enjoy them, there is just something fun and fancy about a jaunty little neckerchief.  I ruined the last one from my high school days on the day I had my car wreck last year and have been searching for a replacement ever since.  I could never find one, so finally last week I walked into the men's section of Dillards with the husband and bought a men's pocket square.  IT'S THE PERFECT SIZE!

I'm also loving my eye makeup today :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Old Favorites

Black and red striped silk oxford: Ann Taylor, black corset pencil skirt: Express, black mary janes: Payless

I've felt a little sloppy the last few days, so I thought I'd dress it up a little today.  Also, I noticed I hadn't worn this shirt in almost a year.  The problem with it is that I absolutely ADORE it: I paid a pretty penny for it (by my standards) and I love that it's Texas Tech red and black, and its so soft and pretty feeling...and so I find myself "saving" it and thus never wearing it!  Enough! 

I also adore this skirt.  Often times at Express and New York & Co., I refuse to pay full price for anything.  I know that within two to three weeks it will be on sale, so why buy it straight off the rack.  I did, however, pay the full $70 for this skirt the second I saw it at the Las Vegas Express last year.  (The fact that I was up $100 in black jack may have played into that decision.)  I'm disappointed in Express now though, because over the last year they've produced a cheaper looking skirt that is the same concept--a corset tie up in the back, but its in bright bold colors like red...and it just looks tacky to me compared to my beloved skirt.  So here's a "butt shot" so you can see how cute it is! (The skirt, not the butt. wink)

Crazy hair today!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back from a Snow Day in yellows and blues

blue sweater: Old Navy, yellow cowlneck tunic: Express, jeans: Express, moccassins: Target

Back from a Snow Day yesterday!  Yesterday we were covered in Snow, and it was beautiful!  I think a lot of the town was off (T and I both were) and around 2:00 most people were venturing out into the white wonderland.  I've never seen so many snowmen! 

The only bad part of an unexpected break from your work week?  Coming back the next day to an inbox full of email and voicemails!  But it is WORTH IT!

This is the outfit I had planned on wearing yesterday, when I knew it would be cold and snowy, so I decided to just go with it again today.  It was still snowy and icey when I got up this morning, but has pretty much melted off the city by now.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Introduction of the Best Friend, OR My Weekend in the City

SATURDAY:  Off for a big day of Showers, Shopping and Bachelorette Dinner for Kimberly's Mom.
Camel Jacket: Cato, Yellow Scarf: Walmart, Black and White Printed Skirt: TJ Maxx, Black Turtleneck: Old Navy, Pink Tights: Walmart, Black Gold-Buckle Flats: Merona/Target, Gold Bow Necklace: Aldo

And it's about time you met KIMBERLY:

Barefoot and Pregnant (She'll kill me for putting this picture up):

But WHY when we have such cute shoes:

Vicki "lei'd" the whole restaurant (I don't know where Kim gets her silliness from):

SUNDAY:  Pink and gray pin-striped oxford: The Limited, Denim skirt: NY&Co., brown equestrian boots: Old Navy, Snakeskin belt: NY&Co.

Two hot mammas.  Well, ONE hot mamma, for sure:

Loving this look:

And back to boring and tired today, MONDAY: yellow striped sweater: Old Navy, white bow shirt: Old Navy, charcoal pants: Victoria's Secret, purple and black heels: Target

Successfully tied BOW!

And the shoes are STILL cute.  Cost Per Wear as of today: $2.48.  Nice.  (And I've only worn them twice!)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Off to Dallas!

Turquoise sleeveless turtleneck: Old Navy
Denim skinny jeans: Express
Brown equestrian boots: Old Navy
Camel jacket: Cato

Off to Dallas to see my very bestest friend, Kimberly, for her baby shower!  Trying to wear something for warm weather here, chilly weather there, and comfort on the plane.  It's only an hour flight, thank goodness.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Capris and Denim

denim jacket: Gap, but thrifted
fuschia sweater vest: Express
white polo: Target
black capris: Cato
black oxford heels: Payless

My husband was watching television in the bedroom last night and watched me try on outfits for an hour, no joke.  Usually when I feel that way, I'll just pick a picture out of my very own lookbook that I have, or else now that I have the outfit inspiration calendar, I can look to that for help.  But I knew that wouldn't help last night.  I didn't want to wear a skirt for some reason, and I just wasn't feeling pants.

And then I thought...

Wait, check the weather.  Yep!


So I busted out some "dressier" capris, made it (my) work appropriate with a sweater vest and collar, and then threw on a denim jacket because I didn't want to look too make it just a little cooler.

Look at these super cute earrings I bought from The Closet of Kim's Etsy store ShopKim.  They are so cute!   Yep, I'm modeling them on a Post-It :)

P.S.  The hair is looking so amazing this morning as a result of my staying up late to try on clothes...and snoozing to try and catch up on some sleep :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spring Dreaming

Today I'm wishing for Spring, can you tell?  I love this bright green t-shirt!  It's very tight and in a bold color, but it has such a modest neckline!  I have been loving the playful look of knee high socks peeping out over boots, and am thankful I work in an office where I can be a little more casual and pull this look off.

My new bird necklace.  So cute!

Gray skirt: Merona (but thrifted with tags for $3!)
Lime green tee: Target
black jacket: Cato
black boots: Walmart
bird necklace: Charlotte Russe

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pencil Skirt and Motorcycle Jacket

Winter White Skirt (that you know I'll be wearing year round): Cato, $17!
Purple silky shirt: JCPennys, $11.99 (my husband and I have been admiring it on the mannican for weeks, and I finally tried it on!)
Bow Tights: NY&Co, $5 (I bought these on sale and I'm glad I did.  I've worn them twice now and they have a small run in the foot now--not so cute with slingbacks.  They never fit quite right anyway (6 foot tall saga) but I guess the Cost Per Wear came out to about $2.50, so who can complain?  I mean, they've got FREAKING bows on them!)
Pink and Black slingbacks: Liz Claiborne (bought at Steinmart for some justifiably low price...even though this outfit is as "adventurous" as I've gotten with mixing up the colors I wear them with)
Pink necklace: NY&Co...$10, and worth every penny.
Black motorcycle jacket: NY&Co., $89, but with my credit and coupon, I only paid $40.  LOVE IT.  I think it really makes this outfit a little more interesting.
Coral belt: Ross (Its NY&Co.) and I got it for $.49.  That's right, there's a decimal in front of the 4 and the 9!
Green purse: Liz Claiborne (wow, I only own two things in that brand and I have them both out today!)

Look how fun the back is!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Wear

What a lovely long weekend I've had!  For once, it didn't feel like it went by too fast!  Here are some bad photos of some cute outfits over the weekend. 

black and white mock turtleneck: Express, black shorts: Old Navy, black tights: George/Walmart, black gold buckle shoes: Merona/Target, pearl necklace: Nana, red flower pin: thrifted

Today was full of shopping, so I wore something comfortable.  I was inspired by Ms. Leila last weekend who thought she wasn't stylish in her Hanes crew shirt.  Look, miss :)  And the fedora has been a lust for a whole week now since I discovered Jessica Shroeder's outfits from last summer!

white v-neck men's shirt: Ross (3 for $9), denim high waisted pants: NY&Co., straw fedora: Charlotte Russe

Love, love, love!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Soft Hues and Sweater!

Purple sweater: Gap, pink polo: Nike Golf (from Carmel Valley Resort), high-waisted denim jeans: NY&Co., gray booties: Cato, necklace: Memaw, green jacket: Mom & Dad

I had my friend and co-worker, Mandi, take pictures of me today. I wanted to be *slightly* more creative than just stand and smile.

This necklace is from my great-grandmother, MeMaw. The baubles are so delicate that the center piece broke off once when I set it down. I wear it anyway. The purple button earrings are from my grandmother, Ginny. I really never have to buy my own jewelry!

I don’t know why I forgot about these high-waisted jeans. I was digging through my shelf of jeans last night and happened upon them, and realized I hadn’t worn them in forever! I usually like to tuck something into them, but why sacrifice the beautiful deep denim just because I’m wearing a sweater?

Loooooong way down!

P.S. I’m trying to follow today’s Outfit Calendar—soft hues a la J. Crew. Honestly, J. Crew’s style has always been a bit elusive to me. I see pieces from there and I absolutely FALL IN LOVE with them, but when I search their sight or store myself, I just feel…mhew…about the experience. So I just wore some soft colors via fluffy sweater.
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