Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pencil Skirt and Motorcycle Jacket

Winter White Skirt (that you know I'll be wearing year round): Cato, $17!
Purple silky shirt: JCPennys, $11.99 (my husband and I have been admiring it on the mannican for weeks, and I finally tried it on!)
Bow Tights: NY&Co, $5 (I bought these on sale and I'm glad I did.  I've worn them twice now and they have a small run in the foot now--not so cute with slingbacks.  They never fit quite right anyway (6 foot tall saga) but I guess the Cost Per Wear came out to about $2.50, so who can complain?  I mean, they've got FREAKING bows on them!)
Pink and Black slingbacks: Liz Claiborne (bought at Steinmart for some justifiably low price...even though this outfit is as "adventurous" as I've gotten with mixing up the colors I wear them with)
Pink necklace: NY&Co...$10, and worth every penny.
Black motorcycle jacket: NY&Co., $89, but with my credit and coupon, I only paid $40.  LOVE IT.  I think it really makes this outfit a little more interesting.
Coral belt: Ross (Its NY&Co.) and I got it for $.49.  That's right, there's a decimal in front of the 4 and the 9!
Green purse: Liz Claiborne (wow, I only own two things in that brand and I have them both out today!)

Look how fun the back is!


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