Monday, February 22, 2010

The Introduction of the Best Friend, OR My Weekend in the City

SATURDAY:  Off for a big day of Showers, Shopping and Bachelorette Dinner for Kimberly's Mom.
Camel Jacket: Cato, Yellow Scarf: Walmart, Black and White Printed Skirt: TJ Maxx, Black Turtleneck: Old Navy, Pink Tights: Walmart, Black Gold-Buckle Flats: Merona/Target, Gold Bow Necklace: Aldo

And it's about time you met KIMBERLY:

Barefoot and Pregnant (She'll kill me for putting this picture up):

But WHY when we have such cute shoes:

Vicki "lei'd" the whole restaurant (I don't know where Kim gets her silliness from):

SUNDAY:  Pink and gray pin-striped oxford: The Limited, Denim skirt: NY&Co., brown equestrian boots: Old Navy, Snakeskin belt: NY&Co.

Two hot mammas.  Well, ONE hot mamma, for sure:

Loving this look:

And back to boring and tired today, MONDAY: yellow striped sweater: Old Navy, white bow shirt: Old Navy, charcoal pants: Victoria's Secret, purple and black heels: Target

Successfully tied BOW!

And the shoes are STILL cute.  Cost Per Wear as of today: $2.48.  Nice.  (And I've only worn them twice!)

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! You both look great!!


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