Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back from a Snow Day in yellows and blues

blue sweater: Old Navy, yellow cowlneck tunic: Express, jeans: Express, moccassins: Target

Back from a Snow Day yesterday!  Yesterday we were covered in Snow, and it was beautiful!  I think a lot of the town was off (T and I both were) and around 2:00 most people were venturing out into the white wonderland.  I've never seen so many snowmen! 

The only bad part of an unexpected break from your work week?  Coming back the next day to an inbox full of email and voicemails!  But it is WORTH IT!

This is the outfit I had planned on wearing yesterday, when I knew it would be cold and snowy, so I decided to just go with it again today.  It was still snowy and icey when I got up this morning, but has pretty much melted off the city by now.

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