Friday, February 26, 2010

Feeling Safari with my Neckerchief!

light blue oxford: Banana Republic (thrifted), khaki pants: Victoria's Secret, scarf: Dillards, navy loafers: Rangoni

I feel a little Safari today, which I saw in a magazine is a trend to keep for 2010.  I'm not really a huge fan of the Safari look because I really only like to wear khaki on my bottom half, but I guess today's outfit is a good way to incorporate a little color into the trend.

The pants are a cross between "pants" and "jeans".  Victoria's Secret even markets them under their London Jeans brand, but they are much softer than typical denim.  In any case, I don't think they are particularly "dressy," so they are a great Friday option.

In high school I had three of these tiny neckerchief's that I wore pretty often.  It is impossible to find them these days.  Scarves are the big hit right now, and though I do enjoy them, there is just something fun and fancy about a jaunty little neckerchief.  I ruined the last one from my high school days on the day I had my car wreck last year and have been searching for a replacement ever since.  I could never find one, so finally last week I walked into the men's section of Dillards with the husband and bought a men's pocket square.  IT'S THE PERFECT SIZE!

I'm also loving my eye makeup today :)


  1. I always find tons of neckerchiefs when I'm thrifting.

    Also- I had a couple in my grab bags I gave away last night!

  2. Love it!!! The whole outfit and the green nails. Reminds me of high school and spring.

  3. pretty eyes! and I LOVE that nail color!

    love, fiftyseven

  4. Beautiful eye-makeup. It's exciting to go beyond convention.

    If you ever want to try something even bolder, a close friend of mine sells bright eyeshadows and lipsticks.


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