Monday, March 1, 2010

Sweaters and Lace

burgandy lace oxford: New York & Co., pinkish sweater: Merona (Target), black pants: New York & Co., maroon and black t-backs: Target

Well, if nothing else, this posting certainly makes me appreciate my Picasa editor more.  I just went with the quick Windows editor that came up on my laptop today since I forgot to take my USB cord to work where I generally upload my pics at lunchtime.  Plus, these pictures were taken in a hurry, so this whole posting is not quite up to par...makes me remember those self-portrait with the Iphone days not too long ago!

I generally wear this burgandy button-up over a shirt, which is the way it was styled on the mannican at NY&Co when I fell in love with it last year and basically bought the entire outfit.  BUT, one day a few weeks ago I thought...Why have I never worn that UNDER a shirt of some kind?  So, voila, here is that put to life.

My shoes match.  I love matching.  It makes me happy inside!

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