Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back to Life! With fun pictures to prove it :)

I totally fell off the blog planet for about a week there!  We went to Ruidoso, New Mexico with some friends to celebrate my husband's birthday and had such a great time!  I was back on Monday, but completely exhausted and consumed with some big decisions, so you are not interested in seeing that outfit, believe me.  Yesterday I have no excuse, other than I just completely forgot to post!

So, without further ado, today's outfit, and then some posts of Ruidoso with my silly friend, Leila!

green button-up: Express, jeans: Victoria's Secret, pink heels: Bandolino (DSW)

The view from the top:

black and white dress: Francesca's (McKinney), red belt: NY&Co., black flats: Walmart
This is a dress I found at a boutique that Kimberly took me to on sale for $25!  A boutique dress for $25!!

And my stylish friend:

black turtleneck: Old Navy, white pants: Victoria's Secret, black wedges: Merona/Target, gold bow necklace: Aldo

The Snazzy Pig is a restaurant in Roswell, New Mexico, that Leila and I couldn't resist going to.  I mean, it had a pig dressed up in a tuxedo on the sign.  And a bench that said The Snazzy Pig that we could lay on!  Love it!!  We took some time to visit the Alien Museum too, and though I wasn't convinced, I think Leila might have been.  Either that, or I just got her drunk and told everyone she believed in aliens. 

Yep, but how often can you jam on an 80s boom-box?


  1. I am loving the green and pink today! So bright and spring-y :)

  2. Why were you in Roswell?! I used to live there for about six months while my husband worked for the newspaper. :) Lovely green and pink combo!


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