Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Khaki and Blue

navy (zip up the side) oxford: Ann Taylor, khaki pants: Banana Republic, coral belt: NY&Co. (via Ross), navy loafers: Rangoni, butterfly necklace: Annie Gogglins (San Antonio)

Feeling traditionally preppy today in khakis and navy.  I bought this shirt years ago and have always thought it was constricting around the bosom.  I wear it with my smallest bra (no padding at all) but it still felt that way, and as such, I typically avoid wearing it!  This morning, I realized that it wasn't the chest of the shirt that was small; it was that the sleeves were so fitted that they were tugging on the shirt everytime I moved.  I unbutton the 3/4 sleeves, rolled them up, and viola!-- a lovely, fitted shirt again.

I apologize for these khakis.  I usually try to take pictures in the morning before work, but today I had to wait until lunchtime.  As such, they are incredibly wrinkled.  I don't suppose there is anyway to avoid midday wrinkles...other than standing up all day without moving!  Eek!


  1. Wonderful! Isn't that great when an easy fix makes something totally wearable again?

  2. What a beautiful, casual look. Perfect in its simplicity.

  3. Easy fix is the best way. I have a few shirts that are tight through the chest that I have to leave them unbuttoned deeper than usual and wear a cami or a tank.


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