Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mastery of the English Language

Please pardon my bulging belt.

My 9th grade English teacher would have been very impressed with that sentence.  Look at all that alliteration.  That's right, Ms. Park, I remember that word.

Anyway, back to the belt that stretched around my waist like an athlete before the big race.

I ate too much Texas barbeque today.  And the peach cobbler was self-serve.  Wonder why they bother putting all those peaches in there, anyway?

I may need to do some more of these stairs so my skirt isn't quite so tight.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vintage Leopard and Silk

My mother once threw this shirt in the trash. 

It was my grandmother's when she was my age, and I wore it as a nightgown, and thought I was just the prettiest 8 year old in my town, and possibly the State of Texas.

My mother disagreed.

I dug it out of the trash and have had it ever since. 

This is how I do my part in the recycling effort.

P.S.  Have a review of this post to remember if this is CHEETAH or LEOPARD print!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All that AND a bowl of soup

neutrals in a full skirt

feeling neutral in skirt

Today my coworkers and I went to a little cafe that serves soups and salads.  Everyone else got the soup and sandwich combo, but I decided I was especially hungry.  I ordered the bowl of chicken (enchilada) soup and a salad. 

"Would you like the cup of soup and salad combo?" our waitress asked helpfully.

I oinked, "No, I think I want more than the cup."

"So a full order of each?"

"Yes, please," stated I, confident that I was making the right choice.  Boy, would my coworkers be sorry when their tiny cup of soup and measly half sandwich came out.


Of course, the two separate bowls of soup and salad she brought me were gigantic.  I'm not kidding.  There was at least a quart of soup in there, with garlic bread, and my salad was piled high in a similar bowl. 

Moral of this story?  When your waitress looks at you like you're a cow, maybe you should listen to her opinion.  Also, there are starving children in Africa.

OF COURSE I ate my entire meal.  Who do you think I am?

neutrals in a full skirt

Monday, March 28, 2011

Outfits I share with a 9 year old

I had to run an errand outside today, and I drove by the local "duck pond" on my way back to work.  Since I had my camera and baby tripod in my purse from this weekend, I decided to attempt to take these pictures myself instead of forcing my coworker to come back with me.

So she's a better photographer than me and my tripod.  Whatevz.  (Instant cool: add a "z" after any word.  Try it.  Tryz it now.)

I watched Whip It last night and want to be a Hurl Scout.  Actually, I have no desire whatsoever to be a Hurl Scout, but I did feel inspired to get out MY girlscout cross tie.  I'm pretty sure wearing a cross tie in a size "girls" might cancel out any cool points you got from my Z-hint above, but then again, Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page kinda rocked it.  So therez.

You get bonus pictures today.  (Applause!)  Went to watch the Red Raiders Red & Black game and of course we went out on the town afterwards.  I may have had a few two many margaritas approximately an hour before these pictures were taken.  And it was really, really cold, for the record (no Rudolph cracks, please).

Friday, March 25, 2011

Color Block in Jeans

color block in stripes

color block in stripes
Man, my little ole blog is evolving.  To my newest followers, and to my old followers, you have no idea how much I appreciate and love you all!  I get so excited when I see my numbers tick up, especially when I've made some changes to my blog and I see how positive those effects are for it. 

color block in jeans
I have a coworker taking my pictures most days now, and boy, can't you tell the difference?  I'm going to give her a little more of a shoutout one day soon, but I appreciate her so much these days.  It's fun looking for new spots to take pictures downtown here - places like today that you think are just plain boring (a parking lot with a white wall?) can lend such a hand to making my outfit pop.  I just love the "curb appeal" here!

color block in jeans

color block trend
Again, thank you so much for reading!!  You give me meaning and reason to get up every morning (well, you and that paycheck I get everyday, too.  but you're a close second.  I might bump you up to first if you start sending me money.  Just throwing that out there.)

color block trend

blue jewelry with yellow

P.S. Looks like this is the end of Stripes Week hosted by Megan Mae Daily.  It was super fun...but also made me realize I may have a problem.  Hmm.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Hope This House is Actually Abandoned

wearing a tshirt to work

wearing a striped tshirt with jeans

I had a great idea in my head to wear this casual tee with a gray pencil skirt and really rock a business casual look in it.

model pose in a tshirt
Then I gave up on that idea and decided to wear my skinny jeans instead.  But I cuffed them and threw on a jacket too, just so you would remember that I'm a grown up.  Even if this tshirt was bought in the juniors department at Target.

hello stripeshello stripes

Actually, the truth is, I didn't realize this was from the juniors department at Target.  It was stuck in the middle of some rack and was only $9.99, so I bought it.  Nevermind that it's a big too snug and I'm pretty sure after I wash it, it will never fit again.
jewelry with stripes

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rehab is a Fashion Statement Too

all in stripes and wind

all in stripes labeled
Apparently Megan Mae Daily and Casual Chic Kiki have issued a challenge to wear stripes this week. I saw their blogs this morning and thought, Oh No! I'm three days late!  And then I looked down. Who's in stripes today?  And then I looked back at my blog for Tuesday and Monday (I have a really short memory).  And I was wearing stripes on those days too!

I'm probably the only person in this challenge participating by accident, but I'm so glad I am!  I also think that this might mean I have to check into Stripes-Anonymous after work today.  Because the real confession is that I'd already picked out tomorrow's outfit last night...and you guessed it, stripes.

How can I not realize that I was wearing stripes so many days in a row?

"My name is Brittany and I wear stripes..."
all in stripes look away

all in stripes shoulders back!
all in stripes flip

all in stripes and bright jewelry

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