Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green skirts and windy bursts

Windy St. Patrick's Day

tagged Windy on St. Patrick's Day
Happy birthday to The Husband, my dad, and possibly to St. Patrick.

I got about two paragraphs into my "St. Patrick's Day" search on Wikipedia before I lost interest got distracted.  I did find out that he was born in the 4th century, and taken captive in Ireland at age 16.

I wish I had learned what the significance of the Green is, why he insists we all be pinched if we don't wear it, and probably most importantly, why he is actually a Saint.

Doing my best Marilyn today - it's windy here!!

Acting silly in Green

pairing a green shirt and a green skirt

Windy on St. Patrick's Day jewelry


  1. look SUPER FAb today in your green girl!!! One of my fav outfits Ive seen all totally rocked it without looking like you even tried:)

    Great skirt...~

    Stop by and say Hello:)
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  2. Ohhh I love this! That skirt is gorgeous, such a pretty pattern and pretty colors! You look fabulous in green girl.

  3. I hate the forced bright green (looks horrible on me) but you have found a way to rock that look! Plus I love the photo poses!

    Ps. Birdie necklace too!

  4. Green color looks really good on you! Keep smiling! You look so cute!!

  5. Very nice outfit - you can wear the green with style.

  6. You wear green beautifully! Happy St Patrick's Day!

  7. I lol'ed at your St. Patty's day research. And your Marilyn photo is TOO MUCH. :) Bottom line, tho? This outfit is a GREEN DREAM.

  8. Fantastic outfit! You look beautiful in it too, Happy St Patty's :)

  9. These photos are adorable! Perfect, perfect green look for the holiday (and just in general). :)

  10. lovely photos!


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