Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wearing my Hoodie at the Office

Made my co-worker take pictures of me today.  We came back to the office after lunch and stopped by a little park on the way there.  Naturally, there were no cars when we first stopped, and by the time we'd finished our photo shoot, at least 15 cars had driven by.

This is the life of an OOTD blogger, right?

I tried to dress appropriately today - yesterday it was in the mid-80s here and today the high is 63.  Sounds like an occasion for a hooded sweater and pencil skirt, if you ask me!


  1. great shots and yes isnt it nice that we fashion bloggers put on a free show for passers by? LOL.. I always have weirdos gawking at me, but now I just ignore them... love the pop of yellow in your belt!!!
    xox J

  2. I LOVE that yellow belt! And you're braver than me--I rarely venture further than my yard!!

  3. i love this outfit!! great mix of the hoodie with a classy pencil skirt. and that yellow belt is awesome!

    cute and little

  4. You look lovely! That pencil skirt looks great on you. & I agree with everyone else-- I'm in love with the way that yellow belt pops out!

  5. LOVE this outfit! The hoodie was such a great idea :) And the yellow pop is fabulous, you have fantastic style. Thank you for stopping by my blo and leaving your lovely comments :D



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