Monday, March 14, 2011

Summer Days

So, do you doubt I live in West Texas now?  This is the painting in the downstairs lobby.  Moo.

This goes totally against my Come On Summer chanting that I've been doing for the past few weeks, but when I saw that the temperature was supposed to be 72 today (and pushing mid-80s the rest of the week), I thought I'd take advantage of it and wear some tights and boots before I have to retire them for the season.

Just to be clear, however: I would trade in all my tights and boots for 365 days of Summer.  And not like that dreadful movie, either.  I'm the one person on Earth who thinks Zooey Deschanel ruins every movie she's in, I know.  500 Days of any season with that girl would put me over the edge, for sure, even if it was Summertime and I was at the pool with a slush and rum everyday.

I feel very passionately about that subject.  Also about Sonic slushes and rum.  And using recycled paper...but only as scrap paper to throw away after I scribble on it. 

I'm not that good of a person, I realize that.

Guess who reorganized their jewelry box last night? :)


  1. Cool pics Brittany. AND I love the dress!

  2. Seriously? Do you think she ruined Elf? Because I kind of love that movie. So much.

    And I love that cow picture. I have a thing for cows. They're my favorite.

    You look awesome in that dress!!! What a great dress on you! You're adorable, have I mentioned that lately?

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. lovely pics!

  4. Hello darling,

    You look beautiful. Purple looks fantastic on you! Thank you for visiting my blog, the jeans are about 35.5". So, I have to ask which brand do you wear that's 36", because the ones I bought I have to wear with medium heels only!


  5. I'm loving your dress...great color and print!

    I didn't realize that was a cow photo until you mentioned it in your post, but it makes for the perfect backdrop!

  6. You look great!!!
    Love,love,love your dress!

  7. Loving the purple dress on you! :)

  8. But please I want to wear you like yesterday's prada...


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