Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Hope This House is Actually Abandoned

wearing a tshirt to work

wearing a striped tshirt with jeans

I had a great idea in my head to wear this casual tee with a gray pencil skirt and really rock a business casual look in it.

model pose in a tshirt
Then I gave up on that idea and decided to wear my skinny jeans instead.  But I cuffed them and threw on a jacket too, just so you would remember that I'm a grown up.  Even if this tshirt was bought in the juniors department at Target.

hello stripeshello stripes

Actually, the truth is, I didn't realize this was from the juniors department at Target.  It was stuck in the middle of some rack and was only $9.99, so I bought it.  Nevermind that it's a big too snug and I'm pretty sure after I wash it, it will never fit again.
jewelry with stripes


  1. Fab stripes. I love the little jacket, it has such a great cut.

  2. Hey look at you getting so creative with your photos!! they are awesome!! love the abondoned house.. is like a true photoshoot location and you are a real model!! love it.. and our outfit suits you really well too!!! am finally home from my work trip... NICE to be home!! aahhhhh

  3. I've been LOVING your pictures lately!! You are really getting the outdoor thing down. Those skinnies are made for you, btw. Your comment about your husband being out of town gave me a good chuckle. And that's why I like you!

  4. You crack me up about the tee - that's too true and it sure sucks, happened to me too many times!

    That aside, you look fun and casual, I love the bright stripes!

  5. That jacket is really cute! I love how you cuffed the jeans too.

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  6. love your style!!
    you´re so cute....
    follow u =D

  7. The striped tee looks very chic with that jacket. Great casual outfit!

  8. Me too... because if not I think you were kind of trespassing - BTW I really like your outdoor pictures !


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