Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All that AND a bowl of soup

neutrals in a full skirt

feeling neutral in skirt

Today my coworkers and I went to a little cafe that serves soups and salads.  Everyone else got the soup and sandwich combo, but I decided I was especially hungry.  I ordered the bowl of chicken (enchilada) soup and a salad. 

"Would you like the cup of soup and salad combo?" our waitress asked helpfully.

I oinked, "No, I think I want more than the cup."

"So a full order of each?"

"Yes, please," stated I, confident that I was making the right choice.  Boy, would my coworkers be sorry when their tiny cup of soup and measly half sandwich came out.


Of course, the two separate bowls of soup and salad she brought me were gigantic.  I'm not kidding.  There was at least a quart of soup in there, with garlic bread, and my salad was piled high in a similar bowl. 

Moral of this story?  When your waitress looks at you like you're a cow, maybe you should listen to her opinion.  Also, there are starving children in Africa.

OF COURSE I ate my entire meal.  Who do you think I am?

neutrals in a full skirt

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