Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who's That Girl (and what in the world is she doing)?

coral and denim

coral and denim with brands

I tried.  I really, really did.

There are several issues with taking outfit photos at high noon on my lunchbreak.  The sun is way too bright, and the shadows are way too dark.  The high schoolers at their open campus a block away are walking through my parking lot to get to lunch.  Everyone is on their smoke break.  And the kitchen on the first floor looks out into the lot directly at the weird girl posing for her camera by herself.

that's me in coral and denim

The worst part about taking pictures today though was THE WIND!  (Look how windy those letters look!)  I just could not get a decent shot that didn't include my bangs in my face (and my hand flapping at them), my camera in the process of falling over, or dirt flying across the shot (I'm not kidding).

So I moved it indoors. 
looking down in coral and denim

At least I felt comfortable enough in today's outfit to tell everyone walking through the building that I was a part-time model sending over some test shots to Vogue.  Whose staring now?! 

coral and denim collage
jewelry for coral and denim


  1. Coral is so pretty especially against blonde hair like yours :) love it x

  2. It's been so windy here too, there's almost no point in doing my hair. Love the colors in this outfit!

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  3. I LOVE that you told them you were taking pics for Vogue. I would have believed you (so are you really sending them? really?). I love this outfit...the top with the brooch is so pretty!

  4. You look so beautiful...lovely pics and post!

  5. Great colors. I love the big flower pin.


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