Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Days' Influence on Leather

I went to Barnes and Nobles a few weeks ago and as I often do while there, found myself in the bargain section.  Even thought it was the beginning of February, I picked up a snazzy little daily calendar about fashion.

Today's entry is entitled "Scene Stealers" and refers to Henry Winkler as the Fonz.  Apparently when the show first aired, ABC didn't allow leather jackets to be worn on television unless the character was near a motorcycle.


We should all break out our leather jackets tomorrow in honor of this censored fashion accessory becoming mainstream!  Ayyyyyy!


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  1. If it wasn't going to be 80 degrees tomorrow, I definitely would break out the leather to honor this momentous change. But I don't wanna sweat. :)

    I love your pattern mixing in this outfit and the shoes are PERFECT!!! You look amazing!

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