Monday, March 28, 2011

Outfits I share with a 9 year old

I had to run an errand outside today, and I drove by the local "duck pond" on my way back to work.  Since I had my camera and baby tripod in my purse from this weekend, I decided to attempt to take these pictures myself instead of forcing my coworker to come back with me.

So she's a better photographer than me and my tripod.  Whatevz.  (Instant cool: add a "z" after any word.  Try it.  Tryz it now.)

I watched Whip It last night and want to be a Hurl Scout.  Actually, I have no desire whatsoever to be a Hurl Scout, but I did feel inspired to get out MY girlscout cross tie.  I'm pretty sure wearing a cross tie in a size "girls" might cancel out any cool points you got from my Z-hint above, but then again, Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page kinda rocked it.  So therez.

You get bonus pictures today.  (Applause!)  Went to watch the Red Raiders Red & Black game and of course we went out on the town afterwards.  I may have had a few two many margaritas approximately an hour before these pictures were taken.  And it was really, really cold, for the record (no Rudolph cracks, please).


  1. I love that second dress it's a gorgeous colour xx

  2. The bonus pics are GREAT!! I still can't get over my jealousy for how great your pictures are (very happy for ya, of course ;)) and this dress is to die for on you! :)

  3. You did a fabulous job with the tripod - I love the patterned skirt with the blue and red, cute!


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