Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Salsa Red!

I've had this skirt in the back of my mind for a few days now since Spring has finally sprung.  My InStyle focus color today was red, and when I saw this shirt lying in the bottom of my closet (essentially my "give away" pile) I thought I'd give it one more try.  Its a little uncomfortable in the sleeves, and one of my rules is that I not keep anything that doesn't make me feel pretty and comfortable, but its tolerable.  Plus, this is the second time I've worn it, and since it was from Walmart, my cost per wear right now is only $4!

Red shirt: Walmart
Black and White Skirt: TJ Maxx
Black Flats: Walmart

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Purple with an edge of black.

Purple silk shirt: Worthington (JCP), denim skinny jeans: Express, black strappy wedges: Calvin Klein (DSW), necklace: Target

Silly face!  Ugh!
My InStyle color for today was purple.  I've been wanting to wear this shirt again soon, so it was the perfect timing.  I've tried to "rock" this shirt up a little by adding some black patent leather accessories.  Something about the feminine flow, cut and color of this shirt just make me want to edge it up a little.

Matching toenails!

Playing Catch Up

Have I been terrible or what?  Not only have I not posted anything on here, I haven't been reading my blog roll either.  I'm afraid my ideas may have suffered from the lack of creative stimulation.

But nevermind that, because I'm posting all of my "missing" outfits from last week and yesterday, and I'm back, baby, with another post later on today's outfit.

P.S.  Blogger and I are currently arguing about putting my pictures in my blog with wraparound text or that I don't want my text centered everywhere.  Grr.  Not much encouragement to get posting again, Blogger!  Damn thee!

WEDNESDAY -- Out Riding:  Skinny jeans: Express, blue striped shirt: Target, brown blazer: Cato, brown equestrian boots: Old Navy

THURSDAY - Casual and Comfortable: charcoal pants: Victoria's Secret, pink top: NY&Co., don't recall what shoes I'm wearing...and thus one of the problems with waiting a week to update this thing!

FRIDAY - Spring, I say!: coral button-up: NY&Co., jeans: Old Navy, sandles: Ann Taylor Loft
I had just gotten back from a run on this day.  I was so happy to get VITAMIN D (Thanks, Leila) that I'm smiling, smiling, smiling!

MONDAY - Weekend's over already?: Navy chinos: NY&Co., white tee: Express, flats: Old Navy
Today is a great example of when I don't look so cute after a workout.  I meant to take a picture BEFORE lunch but had to take it after I'd already changed once, walked three miles, and come back inside to eat something.  Not so cute!

I ripped a page out of the current InStyle's color issue, and I'm trying to wear those themes this week.  Monday was BLUE. 

Okay, later I have to catch up on all your cute outfits!  And I'll post today's--which is PURPLE!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pretty Pants :)

purple shirt: Target, lime/yellow pants: NY&Co, rose belt: rose pin + black belt, black bow heels: CL Laundry

Spring!  The weather got up to 83 degrees today!  I had to break out some spring pants to celebrate.  This is the second pair of this color pants I've bought; I love them that much!  I felt a little dull though, even in my pretty pants, so I had to spice it up a little with a red bow.  Still loving purple and red together, whether or not I could be initiated into the Red Hat Society.

My hair + laziness = As simple as it gets.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pretty Details

turquoise button-up: TJMaxx, black skirt: TJ Maxx, gold and black lace heels: Payless

I didn't realize how bargain-shopped this outfit was.  I tend to pair this skirt with shirts that MATCH the little tan and white ribbon across the top of the skirt.  Today I at least tried to do an opposite color.  I like the effect of the big full skirt with the more fitted top.  I also feel springy, feminine and happy that the high is 80 degrees today!  I couldn't find a necklace that I liked, so I threw a ribbon around my neck.  Like it!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Who Says Your Shirt(s) And Shoes Can't Match??

tan sweater shirt: Old Navy, coral tie shirt: NY&Co., brown capris: George (Walmart), tan floweredy flats: Old Navy

I know, I know.  I match perfectly today.  And I want to be ashamed of that, I really do.  But no matter what shirt I tried to put on with these flats and capris, NOTHING spoke to me like the layered look of the sweater shirt and the coral tie underneath.  So yea, I'll take my inspiration from a pair of great canvas flats.  And I'll be PROUD of it!

P.S.  Thanks, Ginny, for such CUTE shoes.  Next time I'll be a little more creative with them, I promise!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Too Large? "Knot" This Belt!

yellow cowl neck tunic: Express, blue and green blousy tank: NY&Co., chambray skirt: Willi Smith (TJMaxx), black flats: Walmart, yellow belt: Nine West (Ross)

This blue and green fluttery thing is something that has been on my mind lately.  If I didn't wear it soon, I was going to throw it out.  I like the colors in it, but I have to wear something under it, or else I'm flashing bra (or worse) all day long.  Plus, its not got the prettiest shape on me, either.  I decided to try layering it, and although I can't say I love it, I do like it enough to keep it in my wardrobe repetiore.  Ha, I mean, I'm sure I can at least wear it when I'm pregnant!

This belt is too large to wear anywear but the thickest part of my waist, so I knotted it.  I kinda like the effect!

This cuff is from my grandmother.  Isn't it pretty?  I stepped on it (and nearly broke my foot) about a year ago and have been trying to mold it back to the correct shape ever since!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back to Life! With fun pictures to prove it :)

I totally fell off the blog planet for about a week there!  We went to Ruidoso, New Mexico with some friends to celebrate my husband's birthday and had such a great time!  I was back on Monday, but completely exhausted and consumed with some big decisions, so you are not interested in seeing that outfit, believe me.  Yesterday I have no excuse, other than I just completely forgot to post!

So, without further ado, today's outfit, and then some posts of Ruidoso with my silly friend, Leila!

green button-up: Express, jeans: Victoria's Secret, pink heels: Bandolino (DSW)

The view from the top:

black and white dress: Francesca's (McKinney), red belt: NY&Co., black flats: Walmart
This is a dress I found at a boutique that Kimberly took me to on sale for $25!  A boutique dress for $25!!

And my stylish friend:

black turtleneck: Old Navy, white pants: Victoria's Secret, black wedges: Merona/Target, gold bow necklace: Aldo

The Snazzy Pig is a restaurant in Roswell, New Mexico, that Leila and I couldn't resist going to.  I mean, it had a pig dressed up in a tuxedo on the sign.  And a bench that said The Snazzy Pig that we could lay on!  Love it!!  We took some time to visit the Alien Museum too, and though I wasn't convinced, I think Leila might have been.  Either that, or I just got her drunk and told everyone she believed in aliens. 

Yep, but how often can you jam on an 80s boom-box?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Khaki and Blue

navy (zip up the side) oxford: Ann Taylor, khaki pants: Banana Republic, coral belt: NY&Co. (via Ross), navy loafers: Rangoni, butterfly necklace: Annie Gogglins (San Antonio)

Feeling traditionally preppy today in khakis and navy.  I bought this shirt years ago and have always thought it was constricting around the bosom.  I wear it with my smallest bra (no padding at all) but it still felt that way, and as such, I typically avoid wearing it!  This morning, I realized that it wasn't the chest of the shirt that was small; it was that the sleeves were so fitted that they were tugging on the shirt everytime I moved.  I unbutton the 3/4 sleeves, rolled them up, and viola!-- a lovely, fitted shirt again.

I apologize for these khakis.  I usually try to take pictures in the morning before work, but today I had to wait until lunchtime.  As such, they are incredibly wrinkled.  I don't suppose there is anyway to avoid midday wrinkles...other than standing up all day without moving!  Eek!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sting 'Em!

orange sweater: Target, black and white skirt: Cato, pink orange and black scarf: NY&Co., black mary janes: Payless

In high school, my school colors were orange and black, and we were the Yellowjackets.  It never made much sense, but all my life I've associated orange and black with our school colors.

Today when I decided to wear this sweater with this skirt, I couldn't help but look for any other accessory to make my outfit not scream HIGH SCHOOL!  Even though no one else would have known, I couldn't do it!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Feeling Schlumpy

yellow and white oxford: Express, denim jeans: Express, brown loafers: Cato, pearls: gift

Okay, so my confession today is that I kind of fell off the face of the blog world for the past week. I did keep putting my daily posts up—albeit quickly and with little storyline, but never had a chance to look at my other favorite bloggers. By the time I was home in the evenings, I had television I had to catch up on (when did t.v. shows become such a chore?) and/or I didn’t have the energy to log on and check on everyone.

Because of my laziness, my creativity suffered! Even today, I didn’t feel like being adventurous and trying anything new…so I’m relying on the cuteness of my shirt to create a pulled together look. I’m a firm believer that you can look stylish and dressy in a pair of jeans, but I admit that I put no effort whatsoever into today’s outfit. I even forgot my camera at home and had to use the old reliable camera phone. My mind is in vacation mode right now…counting down until Thursday evening…but I’ve got to pull my fashion sense together before I pack on Wednesday night; otherwise, I’ll be quite disappointed when I open my suitcase this weekend!

I did have a chance to catch up on most of my bloggers finally and am feeling a renewed sense of creativity and style. I’ll try a little harder tomorrow, thanks to ya’ll! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Rocking the Topsiders

yellow sweater: NY&Co., white v-neck: Hanes, jeans: Victoria's Secret, snakeskin belt: NY&Co., Sperry's: DSW

My family is visiting me this weekend!  They haven't been to see me since we moved to this town, so I'm anxious for them to check it out.  My mom, dad, grandmother, and two cousins should be here by 8 tonight.

Still trying to plan a menu for the weekend.  Grocery store run for the husband and me after work...followed by a tornado clean up of the house!

P.S.  My neck isn't really that red, I promise!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Double Shot

turquoise button-up: Worthington (JCPenney), houndstooth skirt: Cato, pink heels: Bandolino, tie: French Toast

I like to think that I'm channeling Blair Waldorf whenever I wear my French Toast tie.  I haven't worn it in FOREVER, and I really like it with this outfit!

Sorry I didn't get to post yesterday, but here it is.  See, you weren't missing too much.  I just can't resist pairing mustard yellow and red together these days!

yellow v-neck: Express, white silk tank: Target, purple velvet pants: Victoria's Secret, red heels: Walmart

The view from the top:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bright Fuschia

gray sweater: Gift, fuschia sweater vest: Express, white v-neck tee: Hanes, gray pencil skirt: NY&Co., fuschia tights: HUE, black gold-buckle wedges: Merona

I'm going to a wine and cheese party tonight for the North Midland Rotary Club.  Looking forward to meeting some new people.  I hope I don't hurt their eyes too much today!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sweaters and Lace

burgandy lace oxford: New York & Co., pinkish sweater: Merona (Target), black pants: New York & Co., maroon and black t-backs: Target

Well, if nothing else, this posting certainly makes me appreciate my Picasa editor more.  I just went with the quick Windows editor that came up on my laptop today since I forgot to take my USB cord to work where I generally upload my pics at lunchtime.  Plus, these pictures were taken in a hurry, so this whole posting is not quite up to par...makes me remember those self-portrait with the Iphone days not too long ago!

I generally wear this burgandy button-up over a shirt, which is the way it was styled on the mannican at NY&Co when I fell in love with it last year and basically bought the entire outfit.  BUT, one day a few weeks ago I thought...Why have I never worn that UNDER a shirt of some kind?  So, voila, here is that put to life.

My shoes match.  I love matching.  It makes me happy inside!

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