Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Have I been terrible or what?  Not only have I not posted anything on here, I haven't been reading my blog roll either.  I'm afraid my ideas may have suffered from the lack of creative stimulation.

But nevermind that, because I'm posting all of my "missing" outfits from last week and yesterday, and I'm back, baby, with another post later on today's outfit.

P.S.  Blogger and I are currently arguing about putting my pictures in my blog with wraparound text or that I don't want my text centered everywhere.  Grr.  Not much encouragement to get posting again, Blogger!  Damn thee!

WEDNESDAY -- Out Riding:  Skinny jeans: Express, blue striped shirt: Target, brown blazer: Cato, brown equestrian boots: Old Navy

THURSDAY - Casual and Comfortable: charcoal pants: Victoria's Secret, pink top: NY&Co., don't recall what shoes I'm wearing...and thus one of the problems with waiting a week to update this thing!

FRIDAY - Spring, I say!: coral button-up: NY&Co., jeans: Old Navy, sandles: Ann Taylor Loft
I had just gotten back from a run on this day.  I was so happy to get VITAMIN D (Thanks, Leila) that I'm smiling, smiling, smiling!

MONDAY - Weekend's over already?: Navy chinos: NY&Co., white tee: Express, flats: Old Navy
Today is a great example of when I don't look so cute after a workout.  I meant to take a picture BEFORE lunch but had to take it after I'd already changed once, walked three miles, and come back inside to eat something.  Not so cute!

I ripped a page out of the current InStyle's color issue, and I'm trying to wear those themes this week.  Monday was BLUE. 

Okay, later I have to catch up on all your cute outfits!  And I'll post today's--which is PURPLE!

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