Monday, March 22, 2010

Pretty Details

turquoise button-up: TJMaxx, black skirt: TJ Maxx, gold and black lace heels: Payless

I didn't realize how bargain-shopped this outfit was.  I tend to pair this skirt with shirts that MATCH the little tan and white ribbon across the top of the skirt.  Today I at least tried to do an opposite color.  I like the effect of the big full skirt with the more fitted top.  I also feel springy, feminine and happy that the high is 80 degrees today!  I couldn't find a necklace that I liked, so I threw a ribbon around my neck.  Like it!


  1. I love your shoes and skirt!! The skirt has such a fun shape to it!

  2. very very cute look! I love this on you!

    nice skirt!

  3. I have a thing for lace... that's a great set of heels !


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