All About Me

I am not writing an obituary, I am not writing an obituary.

So in high school we had to do this project where we had to write our own obituary (my theater arts teacher may not have been original, but her class was fun!)  Naturally, I wrote something about being a millionairess - but also a white picket fence, so picture that mansion.  I think I said something about having four kids too, so I better get busy.

I don't have any kids (yet)!  I live in West Texas.  I work in oil and gas (because I live in West Texas).  I'm married to my high school sweetheart, and I love that we're not sappy.  I hate new sappy couples.  Maybe because I'm envious that they don't come home, have dinner on the couch, and then read their respective books in bed before a quick "I love you" followed by the clicking of the lamp OFF.  But I doubt it.

I really started this blog back in 9th grade when I kept a journal of every outfit I wore that entire year.  I wasn't even fashion-conscious back then...I just had a bad memory and refused to wear the same outfit (or even a piece of the outfit) in the same two week period.

I'm still doing that, but now I have it online where everyone else can see, too!
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