Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Highlights!

Went to two Halloween parties this weekend!  I dressed as Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood both nights!  It was funny to see people's reactions - they are either a fan of the show, or have never seen it before and had no idea who I was!!














Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Friday Before Halloween!

I am so behind on my blog reading, and it makes me so sad!  I find myself just barely having enough time at lunch to post my own pics and update my own blog.  I hope I'm able to catch up on my blogroll this weekend, but have lots of fun Halloween activities planned!

This is my last official day of participating in Melissa's Blogging for Breast Cancer challenge.  I hope to do a summary of all month long sometime soon.

Have a Happy Halloween weekend, and be safe!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch your BOW!

I still have some pink in my closet, but I have to admit, I'm glad this challenge is nearly over!  Its been tons of fun, but I'm ready to wear some different colors.  That being said, I'll probably be back in pink before you know it!!

I apologize for the look on my face...but I really wanted to show you the back of this skirt.  And I was squinting into the sun.  This is what you get!

Do ya'll have any fun Halloween parties this year?  I've got one on Friday and one on Saturday, so surely between the two, I can get some pictures of my costume!!!  I'll be going as Sookie from True Blood.

Speaking of which. 

Why didn't the skeleton go to the party?

Because he had no BODY to go with!  :(

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In the Field

Today we took a field trip to one of our nearby drilling rigs. 

The highlight of my day might have been the hardhat-required tour of the rig.





Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Playing with the GorillaPod!

I woke up this morning not feeling too great, but have perked up a little since!  In my confused and grumpy state this morning, I opted not to wear the outfit I had picked out last night, and almost forgot to wear pink but remembered in time!

Also, my Joby GorillaPod was waiting on my desk this morning!  I can't wait to play with it more!

Yesterday, I took a vacation day and worked our Young Professionals Golf Classic.  The weather was awful and windy, but we still managed to raise over $5,000!  The local news came out and did a little spot on it, and I was on the news as our spokeswoman, which was really fun!

This is my new friend, KL, who I coerced into helping out yesterday, too!! :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Decked out in Gap

This is the most comfortable button-up shirt I own, and perfect for the October Blogging for Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge and for traveling 4 hours to my hometown this afternoon.

I'm so glad its not rainy today so I can wear these super cute flats!!

Thanks to those of you who commented on what I should wear to my class reunion!  The consensus seemed to be a dress and skirt and some flat boots.  I totally agree with you 100%!  Unfortunately, I'm not loving my brown equestrian boots.  I even went on a little rendevous to Target yesterday and braved the thunderstorm to get there in order to find some new boots that I thought would do...and was very unhappy with what I found.  Why oh why don't I have a DSW in this town??

My other concern was that it might be a little hot for boots (because I envisioned knee high socks under them similar to this). 

I've decided to go with a linen-y top and a cute fitted skirt with some flats.  The skirt is quite fitted and makes me look thin! (Always a plus at a reunion, right?!)  I'll be sure and take pics for you guys!  I may be a little dressy for the park, but after about an hour of trying to figure out what the heck to wear, I realized...I just DRESS dressyso why should I dress DOWN for this reunion when I should just wear whatever I would normally wear?  I'm very lucky not to be too concerned about what people from my class think about me...I'm very happy with my station in life, I'm pretty sure I still look okay, and I typically dress as well or better than a lot of people at special what the heck am I so worried about?  I'm just going to go, hopefully see some old friends, and have a good time!

And THAT's my story, and I'm sticking to it. :P

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A REQUEST! What Do I Wear to My Class Reunion!?!?

I've been debating this question for the past few days, and I'm not sure why the thought never occurred to me -- why not ask my most stylish and knowledgeable friends online?

Up until about Tuesday of this week, I was fully confident about what I was planning on wearing to my 10 year class reunion.  It was to take place at a little house/event center on the River in my hometown.  I expected the reunion to be laid back, relaxed, and just a bit out of my comfort zone in the sense that the majority in my small Texas town wear Wranglers and boots.  That's not to say they don't have their own style...its just not mine.  Did I mention that the invitations demand: "BYOB"?

And that second "B" doesn't stand for Beverages, believe me.

Because the event was taking place indoors in October, I was planning on classing it up just a bit in a high-waisted A-lined black skirt (it makes me go twirl...though I really dislike that picture) and a lovely fuschia frilly top with some simple black heels.  And as casual as that is...I still thought I might be a little dressy.

I am a BIG advocate of being overdressed rather than underdressed, however. 

Everything has changed, now.

Apparently due to "low funds" the reunion is being moved to the actual park itself...under a pavilion.  In October.  With a 25% chance of rain (but still a high of 83).

Please tell me, dear Readers, WHAT THE HECK DO I WEAR now?!?

Did I mention I'm packing tonight?!  Thanks so much for your help!

Pretty in Purple

Ok, my new favorite feature on Picnik is definitely the Cross-Process button!  Expect to see a lot more of it on here.  I love the vintagey and classy feel it lends to an otherwise boring photo!  The colors really pop too!  Thanks to Rebecca from See You in Sweden for having such beautiful photos and making me figure out how she made her lipstick look so RED!

I don't know why I decided to wear a pencil skirt and heels today - usually Thursdays are my way of winding down my wardrobe before Friday jeans come out!  Maybe its the overcast skies, or maybe I was just feeling purple today, or maybe its the fact that I sewed two buttons on this cardigan last night and wanted to wear it today!

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