Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Art of the Black Blazer

The art of the Black Blazer is simple:  Pair it with almost anything and it creates a polished and professional look.

Today, for example, I'm wearing my "safety pants"--you know that pair you have in your closet for when you have no idea what else to wear, never requires ironing, is easily thrown on with a pair of comfortable heels, and is a nice neutral color?--and a simple soft pink detailed tee shirt (untucked).

If I take the blazer off, I look like I schlumped it out of bed this morning, barely had time to do my hair, and had to finish putting my eye make up on at work (which may or may not be a true story, depending on which of my co-worker's you ask).  But with the jacket on...ahhh...I look like I'm ready for the day.

Doesn't a black blazer and a pair of heels just make you stand up straighter?


  1. First off, I have to tell you that your hair always looks so shiny, perfectly styled, and gorgeous! I'm so jealous!

    Secondly, you look so professional and chic! I love the pinstripe pants and the blazer. And that jewelry is just stunning!

  2. I love mixing black and navy too! I think it is really bold. I love the pants. My go to pants are jeans so I wish they were as stylish as these!!


  3. Blazers = wardrobe miracle workers.


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