Friday, October 22, 2010

Decked out in Gap

This is the most comfortable button-up shirt I own, and perfect for the October Blogging for Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge and for traveling 4 hours to my hometown this afternoon.

I'm so glad its not rainy today so I can wear these super cute flats!!

Thanks to those of you who commented on what I should wear to my class reunion!  The consensus seemed to be a dress and skirt and some flat boots.  I totally agree with you 100%!  Unfortunately, I'm not loving my brown equestrian boots.  I even went on a little rendevous to Target yesterday and braved the thunderstorm to get there in order to find some new boots that I thought would do...and was very unhappy with what I found.  Why oh why don't I have a DSW in this town??

My other concern was that it might be a little hot for boots (because I envisioned knee high socks under them similar to this). 

I've decided to go with a linen-y top and a cute fitted skirt with some flats.  The skirt is quite fitted and makes me look thin! (Always a plus at a reunion, right?!)  I'll be sure and take pics for you guys!  I may be a little dressy for the park, but after about an hour of trying to figure out what the heck to wear, I realized...I just DRESS dressyso why should I dress DOWN for this reunion when I should just wear whatever I would normally wear?  I'm very lucky not to be too concerned about what people from my class think about me...I'm very happy with my station in life, I'm pretty sure I still look okay, and I typically dress as well or better than a lot of people at special what the heck am I so worried about?  I'm just going to go, hopefully see some old friends, and have a good time!

And THAT's my story, and I'm sticking to it. :P


  1. So cute, and perfect for the challenge! You always look adorable and like you're not trying too hard! Effortless chic :0)

  2. Have fun at your reunion! I'm sure you'll be dressed perfectly!!!

  3. Ok those are the cutest shoes I've ever seen...

  4. You look great. That shirt is perfection. How did you do your hair? Love it! Have fun at your reunion.

  5. Very Cute shoe.


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