Monday, October 4, 2010


Oh my gosh.  I got two and 1/2 hours of sleep last night...and have no excuse for it.  I fell into that cycle where I was stressing and worrying that I couldn't fall asleep and was imagining how tired I was going to be today...and then I KEPT stressing and worrying until I just couldn't fall asleep...and surprise, surprise, I've been exhausted all day!

Two accomplishments for today (besides that obvious one of not just calling in sick and sleeping all day)...I wore hot pink for Melissa's challenge, and I'm in my skinny pants!  They are actually even comfortable, and this shirt is AMAZING for a day like today (you know, when I'd rather be snoozing in my chair than actually doing my real job!)  The satisfaction of wearing my skinny pants I haven't been able to squeeze into for a year, and then knowing that I'm making an easy dinner tonight (soft beef tacos) and can crash soon afterwards has me going today!  Yea for the small things! :)

We had people over for the Tech game on Saturday (UGH) and Ellie Rae debuted her new tutu!  How precious is she!!! :)  (She is the little boy that my little boy chihuahua ISN'T, however, and hates to dress up...especially in something as girly and frivolous as a tutu!  Dumb Mom!)


  1. That necklace is perfect with that blouse! It almost looks like a part of the neckline.

  2. Yes! Super precious! That is sooo adorable Britt!
    So, tell me about this Merona thing.. I've seen it around and it seems popular!

    Btw, I just want to tell you that I really appreciate your comments (all of it are so so nice) at Twenty York!

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  3. cute blog! =) I'm doing a weekly feature on my blog ( called "Dapper Dames" where I feature a new blogger every week and let others know about them & their blogs as well, I was wondering if you'd be interested in submitting? if so, just visit my blog for more info. thanks!

  4. I love the necklace! :) I saw a post on how to make that once but I lost the link. :/

    This is really nice! :)

  5. I figured that you purchased the necklace. I was just sharing that I saw a post on how to make it. It's a versatile accessory. NICE! :)

  6. Cute outfit! Love the pink top, but I especially diggin' that necklace! Great look!

  7. I'm super impressed that you pulled off that outfit on so little sleep. Gorgeous!

  8. GREAT statement can never go wrong with these classic your outfit:)

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  9. cute outfit...your post is always interesting
    I love the necklace!...follow you follow me too

  10. hahaha what a cute tutuuuuuuu
    I like this look and that pretty necklace (i think I have a similar one from F21) I prefer it sans the jacket.
    But that colors totally lights you up !


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