Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Playing with the GorillaPod!

I woke up this morning not feeling too great, but have perked up a little since!  In my confused and grumpy state this morning, I opted not to wear the outfit I had picked out last night, and almost forgot to wear pink but remembered in time!

Also, my Joby GorillaPod was waiting on my desk this morning!  I can't wait to play with it more!

Yesterday, I took a vacation day and worked our Young Professionals Golf Classic.  The weather was awful and windy, but we still managed to raise over $5,000!  The local news came out and did a little spot on it, and I was on the news as our spokeswoman, which was really fun!

This is my new friend, KL, who I coerced into helping out yesterday, too!! :)


  1. You look great hunnie...love your pink..and good job on the $ raised....looks like fun too!

    Enter my awesome Tulle giveaway♥

  2. Great, you've got your pink on!! Love the pants and the belt is really a great pop of pink!

  3. $5,000 is not bad at all.. good for you! and I know what you mean, I didnt feel all that great when I got up this morning either.. am on the edge of this stoopid cold that has been going around. am working from home today which means catching up on blog reading!! hah hah... Love the pink belt.. good call for a last minute addition!!

    you might like the earrings I have as a giveaway.. its my first one and the earrings are made by a friend of mine.. they would look good on you :)


  4. That's a cute outfit, especially with that pop of pink. And yay for being on tv!


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