Monday, September 20, 2010

I feel like I should TWIRL!

I LOVE this skirt!  This weekend before we left for Lubbock, The Husband and I went to a nearby mall and stopped at Burlington Coat Factory.  He loves the store for men's clothes; I sometimes find a few things in the Women's Department.  This time, however, I CLEANED up!  This skirt was $12.99.  It has so much to offer!  Not only does it fit perfectly and flair in all the right places, it has pockets!  You can't tell how high-waisted it is since I went a little more casual by tying this oxford at the waist, but next time I will definitely tuck something into it since the ultra high-waist is part of the fun!  I thought the white oxford tucked in with the black skirt was a little too dinner party for me today.

You know I can't wear black and white without some fun pop of color, and since I just accented it with hot pink last week, I decided to go with some red.  I'm on the lookout for some kitten heeled decently priced red pumps, too.  I found some this weekend for a good price, but they weren't very comfortable!  I refuse to sacrifice comfort for cost in this case, because I know I'm going to wear them a lot!

A bonus photo:

My friend, Tanya, her daughter, Theia, and me at the football game this weekend.


  1. Love it! Red, white and black unite! You look gorgeous.

  2. Such a fun skirt! Definitely twirl-worthy!!!!

  3. Oh yes, skirts and dresses with pocket, rocks! I hoped you twirled! You look so fresh!


  4. Skirts with pockets make my day, especially when they're that kind of twirly fun. Looks crisp and fresh. Love it!

  5. What a great look! I love how you tied the shirt in the front!

  6. Is there anything better than a great pair of red shoes?? Love yours!!


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