Friday, September 10, 2010

Black Friday

Not a whole lot going on with today's outfit.  This aren't actually white jeans...they are my faded almost acid-wash looking denim that I like to think dragged themselves out of the late 80s.  Yesterday, as you can see, I was wearing a black shirt, and my co-worker commented that all the women in our office were wearing black.  Knowing that I usually brightening things up a bit, I declared that I would NOT be wearing black today!  I even tried on a sleeveless black shirt last night and then remembered my vow to wear some color.
About 5 shirts later (I could not find anything I was happy with), I settled on this shirt.  It wasn't until this morning that I realized...

I'm wearing black.


  1. I like the acid wash look...the black compliments it well:)

    Happy Friday!

    Statements in Fashion

  2. Ha! That's funny. It's not like you're wearing ALL black though. It's balanced with white. :) And you look chic and classy in the black and white.

    Hope you're having a great Friday!

  3. You are soo cute when you take photos hun!

    Love this look, tres chic!




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