Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Work Appropriate in Contrasting Stripes

I'm feeling so much like the self I want to be today!  I think I struggle with two gals inside me--a professional woman who likes to look as ladylike as possible, and the girl who is still in college and wonders why I can't just dress up a pair of jeans everyday.  The career woman won today, mainly because I had to meet some oil guys from Houston at the airport for a meeting today.

I am so happy with this $.99 belt I thrifted this weekend.  It matches perfectly with these heels.  Somebody please explain to me why I haven't owned a hot pink belt before??!

This is as cheating at pattern mixing as you can get, but something about it spoke to me.  I love the contrast--the skirt is navy with light blue pin stripes and the top is white with french blue stripes.  I think the matching belt and shoes just pull it all together perfectly!

P.S.  I bought that necklace my first day of my first trip to Las Vegas...and I came out $50, which is pretty good considering my attitude towards gambling -- why take a chance playing slots or cards with my money, when I could just go buy a lovely pair of shoes and guarantee that I'll come home with something?!


  1. You look fabulous! I love the navy, white and hot pink. I've never seen that combo and it's awesome! Those heels are fantastic and the belt for a buck? Perfection!

  2. Like the outfit! I struggle with the professional vs. casual battle all the time. My office dress code is business casual and it's sometimes hard to find a happy medium between my personal style and something that is office appropriate but not boring!!

  3. Oh hot pink, yes, they spice up any outfit for sure! I think this is one of my fave looks of you!

    You look sooo professional! What industry do you work at?


  4. You look fab in stripes...and the extra touches of color are perfect here!!! well done!

  5. very professional chic! I love the red accessories!

  6. Cute girl!!! I love how the red just pulls it all together!

  7. I like this a lot.
    I also like that you KNOW you totally rocked in it ..!
    Well done.


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