Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ruffles and Bows and other fun stuff

Today I'm trying something CRAZY.  It has been engrained in my head for years by hair stylist and fashion magazines NOT TO WASH YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY.  I know that this is the general rule, and that for most people, they have amazing textured locks that allow them to create styles that clean follicles couldn't fathem.  That is not true for me, however.  Whenever I don't wash my hair every single day, I go insane.  It is greasy and oily and dirty and staticy and limp.  Even people who say "but it will fix amazingly" revise their statement once they see me on the ONE ocassion per year that I attempt to not wash it.

But today, my friends, I am trying something along those lines.  I took a shower after the gym last night because I took a rain bath while wading through the tsumani that was West Texas to get to my car.  You know, the car I parked in the end row of the lot because I told myself as I was pulling in that I was going to the gym for crying out loud, and it wouldn't hurt me to walk a few extra yards, and the sky hardly looks overcast at all and besides the weatherman said there was only a 20% chance of rain all day and that it is going to clear up by late afternoon anyway...

The point is, I took a shower last night and washed my hair at 9:00 p.m., so I didn't wash it this morning.  And so far I'm not going crazy, but I'm not loving it either.  We shall see.

This shirt was on sale at Walmart this weekend for THREE DOLLARS!  So what if its a junior size and the bib might be slightly crooked?  Can you tell?  Huh?

Finally founds some beautiful brown pumps...and naturally they were at Target.  Thanks, Ginny, for picking this up for me! :)
So, have you tried Kashi Go Lean Crunch?  YUM.  Recommended, NOW.  A healthy breakfast at work helped me avoid the 600 calorie muffins that were brought in as I was pouring the milk in my bowl.

Cutest jewerly ever! :)

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