Thursday, August 26, 2010

Making my belt work for it

I'm trying to wear all my "strictly summer" clothes - the weather outside is a cool 82 degree high for today, and it is a great reminder that Fall is literally just around the corner of the calendar.  I took a close up of this pattern so you could see that the skirt isn't solid yellow--its got these printed little roses engrained in the material.

I bought this wide black belt years ago at a Ross in Lubbock, Texas.  Imagine the time when wide belts were just really coming back into style, and I was undecided about the "trend".  I didn't want to invest in a pricier wide black belt--that was really when you still had to search for them, instead of finding them at every store at the mall.  I saw this one at Ross for $10, and thought I'd buy it.  I've probably worn it 4 times since then.  I don't know why I haven't invested in a nicer one by now...obviously what I once thought was a passing fancy is here to stay for awhile, competing equally for the waistline with skinny belts and grosgaine ribbons!

Last night I was messing around with, still not really liking the way it looked on my waist, when something incredible spun slightly to the right!  And I loved it!  Or at least I liked it a lot better.  Its just a loose (p)leather strap with a buckle on the end, so I think by throwing it off center, it gets a more playful edge to the outfit rather than the straightlaced and buckled look I was attempting by buckling it in the middle.

Like my eyeshadow again today.  And my hair has...volume!  Nick Chavez Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner, I think you might be working!  But I was also 10 minutes later for work than I intended.  Why does it take so long to look beautiful? :P

Funnest shoes ever...but probably not going to be very good come winter!  Need to invest in some solid black flats, stat!


  1. Super cute the belt to the side...your eyes look amazing!! I know how you feel....I wake up 2.5 hours BEFORE I have to be out the door for work...ahh...the price of beauty, lol..have a great look fab!

  2. LOVE IT! Your make up looks fantastic, the belt to the side is SO cute and I'm going to have to try it, and I adore the yellow bracelet to throw some bright color into the outfit.

    You look so stylish in this!

  3. That is such a pretty print on that skirt.... and I am loving your make up !


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