Monday, August 9, 2010

Blue & Green + Five

I had a wonderful weekend with my family in town!  We did some shopping, and I have a few new dudes to show off this week (mostly courtesy of my grandmother!)

Today's outfit is supposed to be functional but fun - I wanted to wear my new cobalt flats today!

Also, thanks so much to Andie for my Stylin Blogger Award!  I'm supposed to list 5 random facts about me as a result of the award.

1.  I’m amazed that I haven’t developed a bruise across my face yet. As I mentioned on Friday, I nearly knocked myself out with a doorknob Thursday night. I bruise INCREDIBLY easily. I used to take iron supplements but have discovered that a regular multivitamin helps for the most part, but all throughout my childhood and teenage years, I constantly walked around with black and blue (and green and yellow) marks up and down my legs and arms due to all the sports I played. Yay to no bruised cheekbone!

2.  Most people consider me a very social person, but I still think of myself as shy. In high school I decided that I was tired of being shy, so I taught myself to be more outgoing. In new social settings where I don’t know many people, I find myself wanting to regress back to that wallflower, so I make a point to go up and introduce myself to people. THAT’S why I look especially gregarious!

3.  I have four dogs: a Chihuahua named Duke, a rat terrier named Ellie Rae, a Lab named Remi and a German Shepard mix named Max. Duke and Ellie live inside, and Max and Remi live outside.

4.  I am by nature one of the most unhealthy eaters you will ever meet.  I grew up on amazing family recipes that rival Paula Deen's on both taste and butter content.  I gorge myself on cheese and fatty products, and then wonder why I have suffered from stomach issues for years. Over a developing process, I have taught myself to eat healthier and less fattening foods. I can credit a large portion of this learning process to Weight Watchers, whose formula helped me become more aware of just how much those numbers behind calories and fat and fiber affect my life. I’m very lucky in that I haven’t really had any major weight issues, but I am learning that what goes into my body is an important part of what this body produces mentally and physically.

5.  I am a huge Texas Tech football fan, and am gearing up for the season opener over Labor Day weekend! I can’t wait to break out my Tech gear, hit up our tailgating party, listen to that Goin’ Band, and check out Tuberville in action. 27 days and counting!!!


  1. LOVE those shoes, they're spectacular! I really like the top too, it's so blousy which makes it look really comfortable, but it fits you well and doesn't seem to big at all.

    I really like what you wrote for number 4 regarding healthy eating and weight issues. That is SUCH a great way to think about it.

  2. I love this! The top is adorable and colors are great on you. Those shoes are awesome too!


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