Thursday, August 12, 2010

So if you want've got the Green light (Beyonce)

Just encountered a man who totally made my day.  I was coming back into the building from lunch after running to Walgreens (I'm about to attempt to eat a Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers...I'll let you know) and a man about my age walked out of the building just as I was turning the corner.  He promptly jogged back up the stairs to the building to hold the door open for me.  Thank you, West Texas Men, for proving to me that Houston Big City men are no indication of where my great state is heading :)  I'm sorry to be a hater, but during my short stint in that city (but not during my time in Austin or San Antonio, to be fair), I began to wonder if chivalry was dying.  Alas, its alive and well here in Small Town Texas!

Part of the perks to working in the oil and gas business is that no one really expects you to dress up too much.  So, if I want to wear a pair of capris and some heels, I look pretty high-fashion in the office :)  And that's exactly what I decided to do on the 102 degree Thursday! 

AND, I found this necklace in my tennis bag (apparently I haven't unzipped that pocket in about five years...which is probably how long its been since button-y mermaid jewelry was IN, but I'm single handedly bringing that trend back to the blogosphere).  Come on, break out some old trendy jewelry and wear some with me!


  1. I work in the Oil & Gas business too, well, sort of! :)

  2. aww, that was very sweet of him. and i love your necklace. so cute!

    i am now your newest follower. come and check out my blog. and maybe follow me too? thank you!


  3. The necklace is adorable! It looks really great against the crisp green of the shirt.

  4. oh this is a fabulous look.


  5. that button necklace is so cute!

  6. Hey Britanny! I am your 20th follower!:)

    Green is my favorite color so I love the top and the necklace is sooo cute. I would definately wear this. Oh, and did I hear right? Your a Texas gal? I'm down here in Spring Tx, just north of Houston.


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