Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blowouts and Shoe Clips

Yesterday I watched a video online at on how to give yourself the perfect blowout.
I am incapable.
I did, however spend 25 minutes this morning attempting it.
I probably ran my electricity bill up 25% because of how often I had to turn the blow dryer off, readjust my hair on my round brush and then pick it back up and start again. I was too clumsy with that brush. And it took way too long.
But my hair does look a bit more frizzy voluminous that usual. I know it’s not worth it everyday, and I’m not sure if its worth it once a week, but its good to know that probably with a little practice, I could achieve a not-so-perfect blowout for a little more volume.
And really, that’s enough for me.

On to the real excitement! Today’s outfit features my Target shoe clips that I mentioned last week. I finally invested in a $.50 bottle of super glue and fixed the one that was broken, see here is their proper debut!


  1. Very cute and girly!

    I have long hair too and it is a pain to blow out! The things we do to look good, ehe?

  2. I love the idea of shoe clips. I certainly have a few shoes in my closet that could use a little sprucing up!!!

  3. Those clips totally transform your shoes! They give a pop of color and add a lot. I will have to check these out.I always love the idea of transforming my plain looking outfits and accessories without investing a lot of money. That is really cool..I love it. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. You look fantastic!! Great little shoes clips...those could probably work in your hair too:)

  5. This might be TMI, but as a mom, when I read "blowout" in your post title, my mind immediately went to diapers...

    Anyway - love the shoe clips! They really do add some jazz to the shoes!

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  7. Those shoe clips are awesome - I really need to investigate that option more!

    And we don't need to be talking about blowouts, I am completely incompetent and incapable of doing those things. In fact, most anything to do with my hair, I am imcompetent with.

  8. Love the shoe clips. They really add a lovely pop to your outfit!


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