Monday, August 23, 2010

Unpurchased Jewelry

Today was a crazy day at work, so I'm glad I was dressed appropriately.  I've mentioned many times that on my busiest days, I like to dress as professionally as possible.  It gets me in the right attitude and mindset for tackling some hectic work issues.  Today was no exception, and other than my shoes feeling just a bit smooshy by the end of the day, I felt great!

The Mexican food I chose to scarf down at lunch, however, is not feeling so great.  I'm fighting off sluggish and full in order to finish up my day with a little activity at the gym.  Wish me luck!

My attempt at "beach waves".  My hair is STICK-STRAIGHT so you have to cut me some slack.  I was actually pretty proud of this look yesterday!! :)


  1. I love this outfit! The color combo is so pretty and the belt is the perfect accent.

    The waves are great too! It's also hard for me to get my hair to go a little wavy.

  2. I'm with you with curling pin straight hair! I've tried many, many times and all attempts haven't really been that successful!

    This outfit is perfectly professional but not stuffy. Have a great week ahead!

  3. Cute blog definitely a clever title!

    - Patricia

  4. Ive always loved these colors rocked this outfit:) Your wavy hair is cute too!

  5. Great outfit! I love the brown and green combo. Totally loved the nude shoes... Are they comfy? WHy were they so smushy at the end of the day?


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