Tuesday, September 28, 2010

High Waisted Tuesday

Today at lunch I ran to a jewelry fundraiser for the hospital - every piece was $5!  I didn't exactly clean up, since some friends picked me up last minute and naturally I had limited funds in cash.  I really need to start carrying that checkbook around.

So expect the debut of a couple of new pieces this week.

I'm feeling quite 70s today.  What do you think of the length of this skirt?  I really like the modest length of it since it is so form fitted.  Unfortunately, I think on most people it would hit about mid-calf, which might be a bit conservative, but on my looong legs, it actually hits exactly where I would want it to!  To top it all off, I got it at Burlington Coat Factory for $16!! 


  1. I really like this skirt, has a great fit and the color combination is perfect.

  2. I LOVE the skirt...and those shoes are so dang cute with the outfit....:)

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  3. I'm all about the mustard trend and the sweet Mary Janes!


  4. Love the skirt and that mustard is so pretty...and cute shoes!


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