Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Silhouette Practice

When I bought this skirt, I envisioned wearing it with the perfect combination of silky pink top to create a romantic, Victorian-esque outfit.  I don't think I've done that yet, but what I did do is play with some balance and proportion with this skirt.

I first tried it on with a bright red Express mock-turtleneck top.  I loved the pop of cherry red with the neutral print of the skirt, and the tightness of the shirt looked perfect with the fullness of the skirt, but it looked a bit too conservative with a high neckline and extra length.

I tried it on with an oxford, but it too looked a bit buttoned-up (pun intended).  The silky teal shirt I tried on next had the right feel and contrast to it, but I really was wanted a nice tight shirt like the original red one I tried on.

Finally I settled for this low cut Express royal purple tee, with a camisole underneath for modesty's sake.  I think the whole outfit is the right combination of contrasting colors, fits, and lengths.  I covered up on bottom (both in length and in shape due to its full flare) and let a little skin show on top.  It doesn't quite fit the Romantic feel I wanted, but I'm happy with it just the same.

I didn't post an outfit last Friday, and here's why:

I have to support my Red Raiders, and since it was only a half-day due to the holiday weekend, I went a little schlumy with a t-shirt (and even a boxy, men's t-shirt at that).  A co-worker exclaimed:  "You're wearing a t-shirt today!" in shock.  I think I should consider that a compliment?


  1. Great outfits.....:) I love the plaid skirt...and that necklace is so different and gorgeous!!!

    Perfect example how any outfit can be dressed up with the necklace with the screen tshirt:)

    Statements in Fashion

  2. Your second photo makes me smile, it is sooo cute!



  3. I. Love. This. You are the picture of modern professional. Love it! Especially the pop of color in the belt too. You also look great in jeans and a tee!

  4. I'd definitely consider your co-worker's comment a compliment! I dressed down for work one day to take some office furniture to storage and everyone thought I'd either broken up with my boyfriend or my cat died. It makes you realize that people do actually notice when you put extra effort into looking nice each day!

  5. I think your top is perfect with the skirt! Girl you look great in jeans!!!


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