Friday, September 24, 2010

Feeling a Little Fall-Y

Today I broke out a short sleeve sweater in honor of Fall.  Its still very warm outside here, but its been overcast all week...

Ok, literally as I typed that sentence the sun came out and shined (shone? er...) into my office.  Always contradicting me, aren't cha?

Anyway, the girls and I went to lunch today at a local deli, and I had tomato basil soup.  It was wonderful and if I rubbed the edge of my sweater and looked outside at the cloudy skies, I could just feel the Autumn temperatures outside, even if in actuality its in the mid-80s.

I can't wait for Fall dressing!  I enjoy summer clothes for about 30 days until I realize that no one looks classy showing that much skin.  Everywhere I look in town, there are high school and college girls (and some much older) wearing as LITTLE as they can possibly get away with while not being arrested for indecent exposure, and then I yearn for the much-more-covered-up days that October weather brings.  Like a cool cover of decency, Mother Nature forces us to wrap up and concentrate on staying warm through our attire, and not rely on a scrap of fabric to get us through our day like summer allows. 

Just be prepared though, because as much as I love Fall, and seem to be dissing on poor Summer (Really Summer, you are still my favorite season.  You shouldn't even be listening to this conversation.  Go play at the beach, have a cosmo, get a massage...), I despise their brother Winter the very most.  Snow is only pretty if I can admire it from my bedroom, snuggled up in blankets and thanking my boss and God for the snow day!


  1. I love that sweater with the belt! What a fun pop of pattern and those flats are adorable!

    Hope you had a great day!

  2. I love wearing pink..your sweater is so pretty:)

    Cute belt and shoes too!! Definitely a great look:)

    Have a Fabulous day!
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  3. Those shoes are so cute!! :)
    What a great outfit!

  4. Beautiful pearl necklace. I love pearls! :)



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