Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Many Wears of a Denim Shirt

Do you own a denim button up shirt?  Mine is one of the most versatile things in my closet. 

I can wear it casually: tucked into a pair of khaki or white shorts with a preppy belt and Sperry's, knotted at the waist with capris, or haphazardly thrown on with an easy skirt (wrinkles required, of course).

I can also dress it up:  belted with a pair of khaki or black pants, knotted over a maxi dress, or like I did today - tucked into a pencil skirt with heels.

Let's not forget that easy combo of denim on denim, too. 

Put on a denim shirt, and you can move mountains. 
(You cannot actually move mountains.)

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