Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tech isn't the only one who Wrecked 'Em.

Denim Jacket--Gap (via Goodwill); Brown shirt--Cato; Light blue pants--Victoria's Secret; Brown Heels--Walmart; Green Bruise--Tommy's truck.

I really, really hope bad things don't truly come in threes, because I don't think I can handle another run of bad luck at this point. You may have noticed I dropped off the face of the web for about a week there, and I wish it was because I was off vacationing for Labor Day and just didn't have the means to post. Unfortunately, its because I was involved in a car wreck Thursday morning. I'm okay, just a few sore muscles and some serious bruises (oh, and three stitches on my head) but it wasn't much fun visiting the ER for the second time in a month.

For Labor Day we went to Lubbock for two reasons: opening kickoff to see Tech whip up on North Dakota, and because I had a doctor's appointment (my insurance in regional and unfortunately, that region isn't the Houston area). My doctor's appointment went fine, and I have some nice new migraine prevention medication to fall asleep to now. The game also went fine, though if you were present for the action, it didn't look quite as pretty as the final score ended up. I don't think I'll be trading in my Graham Harrell jersey for a Potts one just yet (especially since Austin Zouzalik is now #6!!) Sorry for that cheesy title, but really, who could resist?

Now for an outfit post. As you can see, I'm not very dressy today. My goal for this morning was: (1) make it to work and (2) not get in a car wreck. Looking good was a very low number 3.

Denim jacket @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blog Brown and Blue @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blog
On a good note, I've lost some weight, because these pants used to be a little tight. And my necklace is vintage--from my great-grandmother.

Silver and Gold necklace @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled BlogBrown Heels @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blog

P.S. I took a picture of the giant bruise on my leg. I opted to wear pants today, but next time I wear a skirt, it will make one heck of an accessory.

Brittany's Bruise @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blog

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