Monday, September 14, 2009

In knots this morning

Red sleeveless shirt--Express; Khaki skinny-leg pants--Victoria's Secret; Black w/ Silver Flats--Walmart; Earrings--Gift from Mom & Dad

I have had a crazy day today. I've been incredibly busy and migrainey and in a bad mood, so I'm lucky to get this up today. Last night I hand-washed an entire bathtub full of bras, so this outfit was based on one of my new bras (and hence, one that didn't need to be washed)--a racerback--so I wore a shirt that fits well with that type of bra. My bra straps aren't constantly slipping! (My eyes are closed in this picture because I'm embarrassed by myself for writing about my unmentionables!)

And, I may be terrible at tying bows, but I'm great at tying knots!!

Remember the day I said I was going to wear my straight-leg khaki pants with my black flats, but they had a mysterious oil streak on them? This is them! And they are sparkly and clean :)

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