Friday, September 25, 2009

Double Dose of Pink

Pink dolman sleeve shirt: New York & Co; Skinny Jeans: Express; Red belt: New York & Co; Necklace: 10/20 Boutique; Boots: Old Navy

My day started off incredibly boring, and has now become insanely busy. I'm at a stopping point right now, though, so I wanted to put this up.

I'm so excited that I took the time to read my shirt definitions and know that this shirt sleeve is a called a Dolman Sleeve. It means that the armhole is very wide and the wrist is skinny.

I jumped all over the Equestrian boot trend from last season because, as I've mentioned, I'm quite tall, and these boots are flat. I was going to buy a really expensive pair, but fell in love with this $45 pair I found at Old Navy, of all places.

And now, a special post--for most of this week I haven't been taking my own pictures. I want to post on Wardrobe Remix which requires that you show your whole outfit--including your shoes--and you know that's been a problem for me in the bathroom mirror! My lovely co-worker Jennifer volunteered (okay, it may not have been so much voluntary on her part so much as me saying, "Hey, you have a hand! Take a picture of me!!") And since we're both in pink today, its the perfect time to show her lovely face:

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