Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Red Goodwill Jacket and Vintage Gold Belt

Red Jacket--Goodwill (Old Navy); Gold and Black Camisole--New York & Co.; Black pants--New York & Co; Lacy shoes--Payless

texas tech colors @ brittany's cleverly titled blogzebra camisole @ brittany's cleverly titled blog

Today I'm excited about college football season! Texas Tech kicks off the season this Saturday at 6:00 p.m. against North Dakota. I'll be traveling to Lubbock on Thursday for some much needed check ups and, of course, to watch that game!

Last year during football season, I wore Red and Black every Friday to support my team. I'm not going to be at work on Friday this week, so I'm wearing my red and black today!!

red goodwill jacket @ brittany's cleverly titled blog
I thrifted this jacket at Goodwill--tags still on--for $2 last year. It also came with a huge red flower pin that I wear quite often with other outfits. Good $2.vintage gold belt @ brittany's cleverly titled blog

Wikipedia's definition of VINTAGE CLOTHING is a generic term for new or second hand garments from a previous era. My belt is straight from my great-grandmother, Nana. I love the bold gold color, and its stretchy, so it is the perfect belt to latch over almost any outfit. I always struggle with my belt sizes because I try to make them play double-duty; meaning, I try to pull them off with my low-rise jeans and then again around my waist with a dress or skirt. It doesn't always work, but these kind of stretch belts pull it off beautifully.

I'm wearing these lacy shoes again, and at least I mixed up the pattern, even though I'm not venturing out with the color spectrum at all, am I?

lacy shoes @ brittany's cleverly titled blog

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