Monday, September 21, 2009

Hungry (for a $3 skirt)?

Mustard yellow shirt - New York & Co; White Sleeveless shirt - Walmart; Gray skirt - Target/Goodwill; Yellow heels - Anne Klein; Sash - New York & Co.

I skipped lunch today to make up for some of my time I've missed here at work due to various emergencies. I get quite grumpy when I skip lunch--just be warned! (But this picture was taken prior to that!)

Brittany in a bubble skirt @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blog
This skirt was a great Lesson in Life for me. I debated paying $27yellow Anne Klein shoes @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blog for it at Target...over and over again until finally they didn't offer it anymore, and I sulked in depression because I didn't buy it. A few weeks later I went to Goodwill and found it brand-new with the tags still on for $3. Haha! I really like the shape of it!

This sash is from a dress I bought a few months ago that I've yet to wear. Goal: Wear that dress in the next month. And I know my shoes match perfectly. I know its cheesy to do that, but I really can't help myself!

P.S. I know we didn't beat Texas on Saturday, but at least we showed up to the game! I was very proud of my Red Raiders and know we're going to beat up on U of H this weekend!!

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